Wife Watchers: The real deal!

Real hotwifing by real people! Don't confuse the Wife Watchers series with reality videos like Screw My Wife, Please. Both are great series, but Wife Watchers is pure amateur, where wives are shared with other men (sometiomes women) as the husband is there to watch.

There are currently eight videos in the series; in each video are 3-4 segments, with a different wife or wife/sex-partner per segment. There's plenty of variety for everyone, including oral to completion - these wives love it when their lovers cum in their mouths! - intercourse, hot missionary sex with long-legged barefooted spouses, interracial, and carpet-munching lesbian action. The camera knows where to be to get the best action, and there are plenty of close-ups.

I've arranged it so that every link includes a special offer of 20 free minutes of viewing time in my very own Watching My Hotwife video-on-demand theater. All you have to do is click, sit back, and enjoy the show! Your twenty minutes are on me.

Wife Watchers 2

Beautiful blonde Alexis is an amateur and a housewife, but she's a pro at fucking her man - even if he doesn't happen to be her husband! She gets it on with Tony, a quiet, but sure lover who gives her plenty of foreplay before the main event. Great fucking and oral to completion. (I like Tony staring at her tits - I would, too!)

Yvette is nervous but before long she gets the hang of the swinging scene. She fumbles with her lovers' zipper, but soon has his cock out. This natural housewife gets down on her knees and gives him a great blow job!

Wife Watchers 5

What we have here is good old fashioned wife swapping! Two couples exchange their wives for an evening of fun. Here's Nikki, a beautiful, sexy, 26 year old housewife who is nervous but very interested. The hubby of the other couple takes her, without protection, in a slamming missionary fuck where hubby intently watches. But he has a hard time cumming, so a black friend of the director, Tyrone, steps in, and plugs his hard cock into Nikki. She gets to enjoy her second man of the evening!

The other wife is Rena, a BBW with cropped red hair and cute face. She pairs off with Nikki's husband, and she gets acquainted with him by sucking on his dick. He returns the favor by finger-fucking her until she has a huge orgasm. He enters her pussy for a bit, and Rena finishes him off with a wet BJ.

The video ends with Nikki and her husband, where husband gets the feel of his wife's twice-used and slippery pussy. What a fantastic feeling!

Wife Watchers 6

Sindy's live-in boyfirend likes to watch, and he set up a meeting where Sindy could have all-out sex with another man. It took awhile, but she finally agreed. The scene has some great missionary fucking, full body contact, and legs flying. The boyfriend can be seen watching from a chair, rubbing his dick through his pants.

Kristin is back, twenty pounds lighter and with a new sense of self assurance. This is one hotwife who has found something she likes, and she's not afraid to get it! Kristin is not afraid of the camera, and eagerly takes her latest lover in her mouth and pussy.

Wife Watchers 7

Hotwife Kristin knows a good thing when she sucks on it, and she's back with Flex for some serious one-on-one while her husband watches. She starts with a long BJ before Flex plants his cock (no condom) into her, fucking her missionary style, her bare legs and feet reaching up to the ceiling. The scene ends with Kristin gobbling up Flex's cum, where she doesn't miss a drop!

Lynn and Bill star in a homemade wife swapping tape shot by Lynn's husband. Lynn is a pretty BBW who loves the attention of another man. Bill fondles Lynn and sucks on her huge boobies before climbing on board and giving her a royal fucking.

You may want to turn the volumne down - Lynn is one loud fucker!

Wife Watchers 8

Cookie has been married 18 years and likes to experiment with other men. She takes on a black lover and enjoys every inch of him. Here's some great oral and missionary sex featuring a mature MILF who enjoys having sex while her husband watches. We'll enjoy watching, too!

Sindy's boyfriend has yet another bird's-eye-view of his gal taken by another man in this terrific interracial segment. The fucking is long and hard, with Sindy grunting and groaning all through. Occasionally you can see Sindy's beau watching, as she's taken bareback in her pussy. At the end this hotwife takes her lover's load directly into her mouth.

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