My hot wife Barb uses her cell phone to keep me updated
on the "progress" of her dates!

My wife Barbara has found a new adult contact site she really likes, and has already gotten several "dates" out of it.

If you're into the hot wife scene, you know what I mean when I say "dates." That's a euphemism for when our wives go out with a boyfriend, and have sex while we hubbies stay home!

In case you're new to the site, let me describe my wife to you. She's tall, slender, and is a natural brunette. Her breasts are 36B, with very erect nipples that tend to poke through clothing.

She wears her hair cropped short, and her pussy is always neat and trim. Though she's in her 40s now, she still turns lots of heads. She attracts, and enjoys, younger men, but every once in a while is happy to go out with an older distinguished gentleman.

She prefers to wear slacks and capri pants that show off her legs. She doesn't wear panties (unless they're special and she's on a date), so she's nearly always sporting a camel toe.

Barb's been having extramarital sex on the side for several years. It started with her fucking around, but considering her appetite for sex, we now we have a completely open relationship. We've done some swinging, but I prefer her going out with other men, then coming home to tell me about it.

Lately, we've added a new wrinkle to our games. Instead of just coming home and sharing her exploits (and letting me have sloppy seconds afterwards!), she calls me on the phone - either right after she's made out with her boy toy, or even during it!

First time we tried her phoning home she waited until her date was in the shower. This was the third time out with this guy, so she was letting him ride bareback. She rang me up, and said her pussy was soaking wet, both with her natural pussy juice, and the large amount of spunk he shot into her.

On another date, this time with a new fellow, she called during their fucking. He got off on the idea that she was phoning home to her husband, who was listening in. He had a pretty big cock - about 8" but quite thick, Barb says. During the 10 minute call he really rammed it into her. He kept switching positions and grunting loudly so I'd be sure to hear how studly he was!

Being the new guy on the block he wasn't allowed to penetrate her without a condom, but I enjoyed a very (and let me emphasize very!) open and loose cunt when she got home. My pecker just rattled around in there, but I think Barb enjoyed it just the same. I know I did.

I had a hard time holding back, imagining what her pussy lips looked like while straining with the bulk of his penis. I've seen it in person before, and it's an amazing turn-on; sort of a "gasket seal" with the her pussy lips literally pulling out a full inch every time he draws back his cock.

My favorite phone phun was when Barb was with a regular boyfriend, whom I'll call David. Because of his work David doesn't get to see Barb often. But when he does, he saves up his jizz so that he can do her no fewer than three times.

She always comes home with clothing covered with his cum. There's the dried stuff from earlier in the evening when he fucks her in the parking lot of the restaurant he's taken her to. And there's the still-gooey stuff she brings home, just having had "one for the road."

Anyway, David knows all about the relationship Barb and I have, but he's always been nervous about having me watch, take pictures, or join in. Gladly, he was fine when my wife asked if she could phone me up while they were fucking.

David isn't the type to show off, and his penis isn't much bigger than mine. But what he can do is last forever. He gives Barb one orgasm after another. She can just lie back, open her legs, and let just his hard cock do all the work.

While my hot wife was over at David's house for one of their get togethers, they had a first frantic fuck, as he hasn't seen her in a month. Afterward, they lounged around for a while, eating some cold shrimp and drinking wine. Then things started heating up again. She dialed me when he pushed his cock into her.

I had been waiting for the call the entire evening, and my heart skipped a beat when my phone rang. When I answered she just said, "Listen to this, babe!," and put the phone on the bed between her already spread-out legs.

I could just imagine her on her back, missionary style, legs high and spread wide, just the way she likes it. David would be in the saddle, pushing his cock cock deep in her already well-lubricated vagina. I could hear the sloppy mess over the phone, combined with the rustling of the sheets, the creaking of the bed frame, and his balls slapping against her bare ass.

I was able to record some of the call. Here's a sound clip as David getting ready to spill his cum in my wife's sweet pussy.

As the clip starts, David has slowed down just long enough to catch his breath. He then slams his dick hard into Barb, pushing her deep into the mattress each time.

The phone was so close to the fucking it was almost like being there!

Barb says when he came he saw stars and just about passed out. She lost count of the number of orgasms she had.

I stayed on the line for what seemed like an eternity. I could hear bits and pieces of their small talk, her giggling and him still out of breath. I think she forgot about the phone, and remembered it when he finally pulled his limp penis out of her wet and stretched cunt. She retrieved the phone from the bed, and said "I'll see you in a bit, darling," then hung up.

Sure enough, she got home in about 25 minutes. Just for me, she put her diaphragm up her pussy to keep David's cum from flowing back out while she drove (David has had a vasectomy so there's no worry about pregnancy).

I was already in bed when Barb arrived. She came into the bedroom, lifted her dress to show me that she wasn't wearing panties. She layed down beside me, and gently pulled the diaphragm out, careful to keep the juices David had so thoughtfully put there.

Still thinking about the phone call, I slipped some fingers into her hole. It felt like cream inside velvet. I often go down on Barb to clean the cum out of her pussy, but this time around, I simply wanted the feel of sloppy seconds. David had pumped in his load, but only as I started fucking my wife did it begin to ooze out.

In a few minutes I added my own cum to the mess inside her. She didn't need to orgasm, as she had plenty earlier in the evening. We both fell asleep in each other's arms. Another successful hot wife evening.