Wife and her friends chat about showing off in public

My wife Barb chats online with her friends Grace, Celeste, and Jennette about showing off to strangers.

[After at least an hour of chattering, the girls have started to talk about where to best flash guys.]

Jennette: I always thought about a shoe store.

Grace: I don't know...I think the shoe store thing is a bit old. Besides a lot of stores are self-serve these days. Bookstores that have couches to sit in are pretty good. Like my local Barnes and Noble. I go there for my lunch break. The couches are arranged facing each other with a coffee table between. I find a sitting area where there's a good looking guy on one of the couches, and I sit opposite. I start out with my legs crossed so he can see some bare thigh. That always gets their attention. Now and then I shift to cross my legs the other way, being sure I flash some panties his way. I always try to wear pretty panties, either something sheer or lacey.

[The girls chat a while about finding panties without a cotton panel in the crotch. Apparently they're not common.]

Grace: Sometimes I get a big picture book and prop it up on my lap. I spread my legs open just a bit like I'm balancing the book. Guys go bonkers trying to get a clear view up my skirt. I had one guy the other day who kept rubbing his forehead while taking peeks over his hand into my crotch. He was good!

Jennette: You always make it like it's accidental?

Grace: Oh yeah. Drives them nuts. You can't imagine how nice they are to me the whole time. One guy appreciated the show so much he offered to buy me the book I was reading. I don't even remember what the book was!! But they never let on that they saw.

Jennette: I've never flashed panties, but my husband likes me to wear revealing tops, and no bra.

Celeste: How do YOU like it?

Jennette: I'm still very nervous but I'm learning. I don't like it to be obvious. I've gotten turned on knowing some guys could see my breasts. I have one top where the arm holes are oversize. From the side it's possible to peak in and see the nipple and everything.

Barb: Has anyone ever commented to you? Said anything nice?

Jennette: Like Grace says some men are really friendly. More friendly than usual, so I'm sure it's because they caught a glimpse of something. I really enjoy the flirting. My husband likes to pretend he's busy doing something else and leaves me alone with the guy so he can watch the guy come on to me. That night at home during sex he asks me if I liked it, and of course I tell him yes. Because I do! He's wanting me to go further, and I'm still uncomfortable with that.

Barb: Further in what way?

Jennette: Showing more. He'd like me to flash my butt and pussy to other men. He's the one who suggested the shoe store idea. Part of me wants to do it, and part of me doesn't.

Celeste: Try starting with some nice lingerie, something that makes you feel pretty. I have a favorite red pair that always gets looks.

Barb: That's a good idea.

[The girls talk about which mail order outfit has the best panties on sale.]

Grace: Barb, tell us your story now.

Barb: Which one?

Grace: How about the guy on an airplane.

Barb: Well, that's not my favorite. I have a couple of others that are still real turnons for me.

Celeste: I'm game...let's hear them all!

Barb: The time on the airplane was a several years ago. It was one of those redeye night flights, and the plane wasn't very full. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to try masturbating under a blanket. The only person around me was a guy sitting on the aisle, and he looked like he was falling asleep. I tried and tried but couldn't come. So I rubbed harder. I kept checking to see if the guy was noticing me and at first he wasn't, so I kept going. Then part way through I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was watching my hand bob up and down under the blanket, and I knew he could see me. I immediately stopped, then I figured I might as well go on. Without trying to hide it so much I just started rubbing my clit harder and harder until I came.

Celeste: Wait...was the guy just looking right at you?

Barb: No, he pretended to be asleep. During it, I noticed the guy got real hard in his pants, and he moved his hand down so he could slowly stroke his dick. He ended up coming in his pants. That's the part I like about it the most.

Jennette: Did you guys talk at all afterward?

Barb: Only chit chat when the plane was landing. Ever since that happened my fantasy is that instead of him coming in his pants I took him back to the bathroom and sucked him until he came in my mouth. He was a nice looking businessman. Well dressed and great arms. Now every time I take a redeye flight which isn't very often I masturbate, but I haven't sat beside anyone I was attracted to since. Maybe someday.

Grace: What were the other stories you said?

Barb: The one about Derek still gets my clit rock hard!

Grace: For those who don't know Derek is this great looking college guy that Barb has come around every weekend to do garden work.

Celeste: And what else!!

Barb: Calm down, girl! So far just garden work. But a few weeks ago my husband had already left to go on a boat with a friend of his. I decided I wanted to tempt fate, and let him watch me pleasure myself. I went out to the den where we have a love seat that's against the window. When I heard Derek come around I started cranking at my clit.

Jennette: So he didn't know you knew?

Barb: I don't think so. He stopped by the window and watched. I know he pulled out his cock and jerked off because later I went around and could see some splotches of cum on the walk.

Celeste: Wow!

Jennette: What if he knocked on the window and wanted to join you???

Barb: I would have fucked him so fast it would have made his head spin, that's what! Are you kidding?

Jennette: Did that happen?

Barb: No Sob! He's pretty reserved, though I have to say he looks at me different now!! I kinda wonder if he's told his friends, and what he's said. Anyway I have another story if you want to hear it.

Celeste: Then I'll tell mine.

Barb: This one happened a couple of months ago at my old office. We had a guy working there as a temp doing our fiscal year-end paperwork. He was married. He had one of those van dyke beards that guys wear these days, and great dimples. I was in my office and it was lunch time. Every once in a while I relieve myself, and it's special when at work because of the risk of getting caught.

Barb: Well this time I got caught! I lifted up my dress and started diddling. I have a small vibrator I keep in my desk there and I started using it to rub against my clitty. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes, relishing the feeling. Then I heard a sound outside my office door. It was our temp, standing there in the doorway, with this big grin on his face! I must have turned five shades of red I was so embarrassed. He told me he was cool, and liked what he saw. He told me I was very sexy and beautiful, and actually asked me if he could watch the rest. He promised he wouldn't touch, just watch. So I let him! I still can't believe I did it! I don't even let my husband watch me masturbate. Anyway I scooted the chair back so he could see better, and I put the vibrator in my pussy, which by now was just flooded with juice. I came after about 20 seconds.

Celeste: What did he do?

Barb: He didn't pull his cock out, but I know he got hard. I could see it in his pants. When I was done, I strightened my skirt, and pretended to go back to work. He said "thanks" and left! That was one of his last days with us, and we didn't get a chance for an encore. Too bad too. I have a lot of fantasies about this one I can tell you!

Celeste: I have a story similar to Barb's and I think about it a lot too. In my work I have to travel to San Antonio several times a year. I stay there for about three weeks at a time. There's are some corporate apartments we have there. They're really nice. 2 stories with a center garden court. My company owns one of the upstairs studio apartments. One time I noticed a guy on the other side of the garden court giving me the eye. We chatted a little, and talked about business. Later that night I noticed he sat on a chair close to the window. He was looking out the window watching for me. It didn't bother me at the time.

Celeste: A couple more days pass, and he and I talk a little more. Then one night from my kitchen window I saw he had drawn his curtains closed. But not all the way. Through the crack at the bottom he was peering into some binoculars. I think they were the nighttime binoculars they sell because they were real bulky. At first I got a little pissed off, and I made sure my drapes were all the way closed. But the next day I chatted with him again when I got home. He seemed like a really nice guy. Married with a couple of kids. I could tell he was pretty lonely.

Celeste: So that night I kept the drapes open about a foot, and decided to give him his money's worth. I took a shower, put on my robe, and did some busy work out in the living area while watching some TV. I pulled down the bed, and went into the kitchen to a different window, to check if he was still watching me. I could see him in his apartment, which was completely dark. I went back to the bed, and turned out the lights. The room was still dimly lit by the TV, but I think it was enough for him to have seen me.

Celeste: I then started to rub my clit, first over my robe, then under. I made sure the robe slipped down so that he could see my bare cunt. (Yes, I kept it completely shaved.) I didn't have a vibrator or anything, so I just worked myself with my fingers. At first I was just going to fake an orgasm, for the sake of my "audience." But it felt so good that I felt myself starting to cum. I was bucking up and down, rubbing my clit with one hand, and putting fingers up myself with the other. I had one of the best orgasms I've ever had that night!

Celeste: This went on for a couple more nights, until I had to leave for home. Every time I go back to San Antonio I hope that my married voyeur friend has the apartment across the way, but so far it hasn't happened.

Barb: That's a great story!

Grace: Has me creamin right now!!

Celeste: I still fantasize about this when I masturbate. In some fantasies he has some friends over and they all take turns watching me. I visualize them beating off. All that cum squirting out just because of me! Sometimes I fantasize that he comes over after the show and we fuck. Even though he's already jerked off a couple times, he's still hard, and I fuck him for hours. I let him go home to his wife with a smile on his face!

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