Fiancee asks permission to sow her wild oats,
and hubby finds the letter she wrote to a friend about it!

In this letter to her pal Grace, my soon-to-be-wife visits the home of Jan and Thierry ("J" and "T"), and the evening progressed to the couple's hot tub. There's some great masturbation action here, and Barb lets herself go for wild sex with Thierry.

M=Mike, Barb's first husband
G-George (me)
Jan and Tierry are a married couple, about the same age or a little older than Barb

Grace, let me tell you about last night. It was simply delicious!! I don't even remember my last 3some...a couple years ago with M, I guess. He called all the shots and I didn't like it much. This time with J&T things were a lot different. I got to do the things I wanted to do. If I wanted to suck, I could suck. If I wanted to fuck, well... It's amazing how much better things feel when you're in control of the situation, and not living out someone else's fantasy.

J&T heard I was re-marrying and invited us over for an informal dinner. Unfortunately, G had to be out of town that weekend, and since J&T couldn't reschedule because of other conflicts, we decided this time around would be just us. It turned out to be the best thing because it allowed me to experience J&T imtimately, which I admit I always wanted to try. T is gentle, considerate, and lasts forever. More of that later!

The evening started at 7:30 and immediately J&T poured the drinks. They're not heavy drinkers, but they do use liquor to loosen things up. Both have stressful jobs in finance, so I don't blame them. I couldn't keep up, and after my third drink I was feeling dizzy.

We ate a nice halibut dish T made for us (J doesn't like to cook, and T is really good at it -- because he's French maybe??). After we let our dinners digest, J suggested we all get in the hot tub. I said I didn't come prepared with a swim suit. Both J&T laughed and J said, "In our hot tub swim suits are not allowed." They got up, went to the back patio, and peeled off every stitch of clothing they had on.

My jaw dropped. I just sat there, feeling awkward and embarrassed. Should I do the same? They coaxed me back to the patio, and pointed out it was very private. The neighbors could not see. Both J&T told me I had a great body and had nothing to be ashamed of. They urged me to join them.

When I realized they weren't going to push it I decided it would be okay. I stripped down to just my red panties. I got into the tub and laughed nervously. My breasts are smaller than J's, but I think they have a better shape. As I settled into the water T had this big, wide grin, obviously enjoying the company of two nude (in my case nearly nude) women. He moved to sit between us.

T poured some wine and handed out glasses to each of us. I don't even remember what we talked about, but it wasn't long before I felt two pairs of hands stroking me. Moments later I felt someone's fingers reach inside my panties, gently pushing the leg opening aside. Whether it was J or T didn't matter at this point. I knew there was no turning back.

I got up, removed my wet panties, and tossed them onto the patio floor. My pussy is much more trimmed than J, and I could tell T liked it a lot. With so little hair everything is very visible. J&T could tell I was was interested. My clit was already as hard as a rock, poking through the folds of skin as if to say, "Here I am!"

T wanted to dive right in, but I wanted to try something. I guided J up onto the side of the tub, and asked her to follow me. We sat opposite T, and I opened my legs. I started to rub my clit, keeping my eyes right on T. His wife did the same, alternating between rubbing her swolen clit and putting several fingers inside me. I could see under the water that T was jerking off.

All three of us masturbated ourselves for at least 10 minutes. Every once in a while I'd stop what I was doing, reach over to J, and rub one of her nipples or stroke her clit. Several times she stopped masturbating and put her fingers in my vagina. She'd then slowly draw them back out, being sure to get plenty of my juice on them. She'd then either suck on her fingers, or give her husband a taste.

I couldn't hold out any longer, and had to come. I pout my legs as far apart as I could get them. I vigorously rubbed my clit so fast I thought it would burn up! With so much stimulation I could feel my lubrication leaking out of my pussy. J was watching very intently. When I came, she started to come too. Her orgasm was more gentle but I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it.

I slid back into the water, feeling spent. What a fantastic orgasm! Everything tingled.

J got back into the water and nudged me to sit closer to her husband. As we girls caught our breath T reached for my hand, and guided it onto his stiff penis. At first I withdrew, feeling awkward that my friend's husband was coming on to me. But J just looked over and said, "It's okay. I want you to." And for added assurance, T told me he was V-safe. That's all I needed to hear.

I reached into T's lap and felt his hardness. He wasn't especially thick, but he was very long. Just then I noticed he was completely shaved! There was no hair at the base of his dick or on his balls. As I kissed him I fondled his cock. This went on for several minutes before he got up, and hovered over me. As T's bare cock was entering my very ready pussy I looked over to his wife. She was watching us, masturbating again. We smiled at each other, and we both knew this is something we wanted to let happen.

T had no touble putting his cock inside me. I usually don't like to have sex in water, but with the combination of T's slender dick and the wetness from my orgasm, he slid right in. T started his stokes long and slow. Each time he pushed in I could feel the tip of his penis push against my cervix. It was pure heaven! I enjoyed looking up and seeing his chiseled body over mine.

Every time I glanced over to J she was watching us intently, whacking at her clitty. She must have come two or three times by now. With each orgasm her eyes rolled back, and she arched her whole body. Okay, if she didn't mind sharing her husband, then I wouldn't mind it either! It felt fuckin' great!

After 10 minutes of T inside me I began to get a cramp from of the hard plastic of the tub. Literally without missing a beat, T picked me up and stood in the center. I wrapped my legs around him, grabbing him by the ass to hold on. T decided he wanted to come, and his strokes began to get faster and faster.

My clit was on the verge of getting over-sensitized with all the pounding, and I asked him to rock me up and down so I could have one more orgasm. T withheld his own orgasm and changed his pace to accommodate me. After maybe 30 seconds of his strokes I started to come. T smiled as he felt the walls of my vagina pulsate at each contraction.

After I came T layed me down on the outside rim of the tub, and got on top of me once more. I love missionary and my legs instictively lifted up into the air, letting him have full access to wherever he wanted to go. I could see J position herself behind her husband for a straight-on view of his cock plowing into my cunt. After 15 or 20 deep strokes, I felt T's ass tighten, and he made quick and shallow in-out motions. He grunted as he came. That was a huge turn-on for me. As you know I really like hearing a guy as he empties himself inside me.

I felt his wife's fingers between my legs, opening my pussy to let T's cum dribble out. Though I couldn't see her, I knew she was licking our juices.

T eventually climbed off me, and sat back in the water. Both he and his wife embraced each other; with satisfied looks on their faces. We didn't want to stay in the tub for much longer. So we got out, towelled off, and J gave me one of her robes to wear as we went back inside.

It's been a long time since I was thoroughly fucked like this. I enjoyed it, though it made me a little sore. Later that evening as we wound down we had some more wine, watched some TV, and talked about my future. Who knows, maybe I'll do this again sometime.

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