My wife wants to experiment with another couple,
and have me take pictures!

What a husband finds out by reading his wife's private e-mail!

This letter is a reply to Roberta, a new online friend she met through Adult Friend Finder.To my amazement, Barb writes that she prefers threesomes with two guys, and wants to try one with me!! She talks about how she did this a few times with her ex-husband, and while she was dating.

Hi Roberta! Thanks for your e-mail. I have to admit that parts of it got my heart racing a bit!! And now I know my first e-mail to you wasn't too aggressive. I'm always concerned about coming off too strongly!

Who knows if we'll ever actually meet. Unexpected things happen all the time, and we shouldn't let not knowing slow down our online friendship. I think it's fun to imagine that we might meet someday.

Your invitation to join you and your husband sounds great, but I'll also say that my favorite type of threesome is with two men. I think it would be great to get the four of us together in some nice hotel room, and see what things fit where! :-) Your profile mentioned you and your husband are also looking for couples, right? Let me know if I misunderstood.

My current husband and I haven't done this kind of thing before, but I have some experience with it when I was single, and during my previous marriage. My first husband liked to share me in MFM situations, and I learned to really enjoy the attention of two guys at the same time. I'm not into the guys being bi, so don't worry about that with your husband. I just like having two hard cocks in me at once. What girl doesn't!?

On one or two occasions we played with another couple, and I have *limited* experience being with another female. I am okay receiving and giving some oral with a woman, though I have to say I much prefer to give head to a guy. Like I said in my last e-mail, I really enjoy the taste of cum. Guys seem to really like it when I look up into their eyes as I'm swallowing their sperm. It seems to make them come much harder. (One of my favorite boyfriends from college once feinted he came so hard! His legs just gave way.I've never forgotten it!)

My current husband is pretty open-minded about things, but like I said we haven't experimented yet. I'm wanting to suggest this to him. Sex with another couple may be too uncomfortable for him to start, so I want to suggest either a threesome with another woman or another man. I'm okay with either, but I'd prefer another guy. Of course I have one or two that I know in mind!!! One I work with from time to time, and we've played a bit, but not yet all the way....we kiss, and he's put his fingers up me a couple times. I also sucked him off once, though his cum was really bitter and I didn't like it. If I have to play around behind my husband's back I will (I've already done it with another guy I know <g>), but I'd like to play around in front of him instead!

On IM you asked if it would be okay to take pics or video. My first husband used to like to take pictures of me. At first I was nervous about this, but after a while I got used to it. He would use them later to jack off to, and I know he shared them with some friends, who also jacked off looking at them.

I was initially horrified by this, thinking that guys I knew and talked to were masterbating to pictures of me. Sometimes I'd see them at parties or whatever and I'd feel very self-conscious. They'd smile at me, and it looked like they were leering. But after a little while I realize they were just fantasizing about things, and it turned me on knowing that they wanted me. You know it's every woman's dream to be desired, and I'm no different!

So I'm okay, as long as we're all discreet about it. I'm in a fairly conservative business, and I have to be careful about people finding out personal things about me.

I have a story about my pictures and my ex's friends. There was one guy, who was kinda geeky, that apparently paid my husband for a bunch of pictures of me. Fucking, sucking, you name it. My bastard ex-husband never shared the money with me! Anyway, this friend of his was at a convention with my ex-husband and me. There was this reception, and the friend kept hanging around as I tried to talk with other people. It started getting creepy. After a while, I noticed he was gone, and thought he moved on. But a couple minutes later he came back, and was again hanging around.

At one point, I looked down and saw a small wet patch on the front of his pants. He tried to cover it up with his hands, but wasn't very successful. The spot was right where the end of his penis was. When I told my ex about it later, he laughed and said it was the guy's cum! He saw this friend of his sit at a table off in the corner of the room. It had a cloth apron and he got his hand under there and was stroking his little dick while looking at me across the place. My ex said that after about a minute of this the guy creamed in his pants.

That night my ex and I were fuckin' and he said I could have this guy, if I wanted. Yeah, right!!! I told him I was flattered his friend thought about me while beating off and looking at my pictures, but I wasn't interested. I guess this ruined the fantasy for my ex, and he got soft. He rolled off me, turned over, and pouted for the rest of the weekend. Well, this is just one of the reasons he's my "ex"!!

My current husband (his name is George, BTW) likes to take pictures. Photography is his hobby. He has a really nice camcorder and he's always filming stuff. He makes little video postcards that we send to friends and family...not of us in bed, of course! but the kind of thing you see on America's Funniest Home Videos. I think he'd really enjoy taping us all. Maybe you and your husband together, then me with your husband, and of course you and I. I think he'd be turned on by it.

Do you share these e-mails with your husband? Just wondering. Write soon....Barb

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