My wife masturbates while reading
a sexy e-mail from a new online friend

Heya Barb!! I agree that regular e-mail is better than AFF's email system. More reliable. And don't have to worry about the kids coming in while I have the AFF window open!! ("Mommy, what is that picture you're looking at? That man doesn't look like Dad!")

Yes it's too bad we live so far apart. Vern [must be her husband--George] and me sometimes get out to ______ and would love to meet you. You do the same if you ever come out here okay?

I got really really really really turned on looking at your pics in your album as well as your last e-mail. You are so goregeous! You put your thoughts very well too. Verns in love with redheads, and thinks you're a doll. Now I have a confession to make. I'm not a natural redhead but only you, Vern and a few other very special people know that!

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to share with you some more thoughts Vern and me had, if we ever had the pleasure to meet you. Don't know if you want to share with your husband, but know that our invitation is open how ever you want to play. Okay?

I am bisexual, and always have been. Vern truly loves sex with two women. Our favorite way to spend the evening is for the three of us to settle into our king size bed, and just explore each other's bodies. Vern gives great massages. While he's massaging you, I want to kiss you, starting with your lips, then your beautiful breasts and then your pussy. I LOVE the taste of women!! It's my ultimate turn on.

I want to pleasure you fully while you and Vern are locked in a passionate kiss. He likes to have his cock sucked when I go down on another woman. He's average size but he knows how to use it! He can stay hard for hours, and he can ejaculate several times in the evening. Vern is very careful what he eats, and because of it his cum doesn't taste salty. You mentioned before you like oral sex to completion. I don't even need to tell you he would love to ejaculate into your mouth after you have sucked him off. Believe me, it tastes great!

I have some favorite toys that I can use to help you have the best, deepest orgasms you've ever exprienced. I will not be satisfied with you having just one or two orgasms. I want the evening to be filled with your screaming and comes, and drenching the sheets with your juices.

If you are amenable, it would be great to feel your tongue over my clitoris and in my cunt. Vern can position himself behind you on the bed, and make love to you while you go down on me. Or even better you and I can 69, and I can suck on your clitoris while Vern's cock is inside you. I like hard, direct stimulation, and I am multiorgasmic. I think you will like the experience. (Oh BTW Vern is v-safe!)

When we're done we relax in the hot tub, sip some wine, and after getting our energy back, do it all over again! There are lots of different combinations to try!!!

Barb I don't want you to get the idea we do this a lot. We are pretty inexperienced actually. We've played with another couple a few times, and it was real nice. We are thinking we prefer just a third, rather than a couple, but we don't have any set rules. Do you prefer e-mail or can we chat on the phone sometime? Write back soon!!

Roberta & Vern

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