My wife plays with herself on an airplane while
the guy in the next seat sneaks a peek!

In this e-mail to her best friend Grace, Barb needs to have an orgasm during a long "red eye" flight. She's determined to go through with it, even though there's a someone sitting just two seats away. Turns out he secretly watches, and Barb enjoys putting on a show for both of their benefits.

LB='Lil Barb (Barb's pet name for her clitoris)

Hey Grace, Sorry I haven't written in a while. Last Monday I took the red-eye to NY. I hate the red-eye but I couldn't spare the time to leave a day early, and the meeting with ____ started at 10am. I can never get enough sleep on planes.

Fortunately the plane was less fairly empty, and most rows had just one person. I took the window seat, and there was no one else in my row. A business man that I had noticed earlier in the waiting area had been seated near the bathrooms in the back of the plane. He asked if he could move to a better seat, and he chose the aisle seat on my row. There wasn't anyone in the center seat, so it was okay.

He was pretty nice looking, maybe 40 or 45, athetic, tall, darkish hair. He had a moutache that reminded me of Robert Goulet. He was obviously married, with a thick gold band on his left ring finger. He didn't look too happy though. Kinda tired and drawn out. We didn't talk much other than some idle chat while the flight attendants served beverages. Before long they dimmed the lights and most passengers went to sleep.

As usual, I was wide awake. What usually helps in these situations is to play with LB, but that was kinda hard to do in plane full of people! For maybe a half-hour I kept shifting in my seat, but I just couldn't sleep. That's when I decided to hell with it and just do it. I got a blanket from the overhead bin and spread it over me. I wanted direct stimulation so as I pretended to get settled I took off my panties under my skirt, and stashed them into my purse. The business man sitting next to me looked like he was dozing off, and he didn't notice far, so good!

I eased the skirt higher so that I could reach my clit. I made a kind of tent over my lap with the blanket so that any motion wouldn't be seen. By this time LB was READY to go... when is she not?! :=). I was able to get some good cicular action going, but after a few minutes I kept losing it. LB was hiding herself in the folds. Guess I was nervous about being spotted, and it was hard keeping the tent up over my hand.

Every once in a while I'd crack open an eye to see if the man could tell what I was doing. After about five minutes of me patting my little pussy, I noticed him looking down at my lap. I realized he could see the tell-tale jiggling of my hand under the blanket!!

I immediately stopped, and my heart was racing. But then I thought, what the fuck. He didin't seem bothered by it, so I started up again. This time I didn't try to hide the motion. With my left eye open (hidden from his view by the bridge of my nose--crafy me!) I could see him shift in his seat for a better angle. I looked down at my blanket and saw that even in the dim light of the cabin he could make out that I was wanking off. The trick was not make it obvious.

He carefully shifted once again, and I pretended not to notice his motion. I don't think he knew that I could see him watching me. I opened my left eye once more, and that's when I saw it: he was sporting a gorgeous erection under his pants! He had his left hand covering his crotch, and the back of his right thumb was slowly stroking against his hard penis. My god, what a stunning sight that was!

The moment I saw that he was jerking off sent LB into high gear. Seeing him massage the shaft of his dick sent me over the edge in no time! Just a few more strokes and I felt the wave hit me. I felt my toes curl and a soothing warmness spread outward from my pussy. The end was quick, but this was one of the best orgasms I had in months.

My hand came to a slow stop, and I shifted toward the window. I could still see my "audience" out of the corner of my eye. I had a view of him finishing himself off. His legs stiffened up, and he pulled his trousers away from his body as he came. Poor guy had to cream in his pants, which must have been really uncofortable! Sorry, whatever your name was!

I feel asleep a few minutes later, and didn't wake up against until we were five minutes from landing. I straightened myself up, and pulled my skirt down. I almost forget I was without panties! I looked over to my secret admirer as he was fishing through his bag getting ready to get off the plane.

I noticed that sometime during the night he changed his pants...probably wouldn't do to arrrive at wherver he was going with a cum stain on the front of his trousers! He nodded to me and asked if I had a good rest. I said, "Yes I did, though it took a while to get comfortable." He just smiled. I think he still believed I didn't know he watched me.

During my meeting I thought about him coming in his pants. I don't know why but I felt sort of guilty about that. You know I've never been too keen on fucking strangers, but do you think I should have at least sucked him off? And how about his wife! She must have wondered why his his pants had his dried cum in them!!

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