My wife's first first sexual enconters
found in her secret diary!

Recently I came across two old diaries of my wife Barb's from her first and second year in college. Are they ever hot!!

Oct 3.

Toni [Barb's dorm roommate] wants to introduce me to her half-brother. His name is Jason. Toni is white, but Jason is half-black. I met him briefly about three weeks ago when he helped Toni move in some of her stuff. Very light skinned, tall, and muscular. He's on the swim team at his college in _______. Toni knows I'm having a hard time meeting guys. Going to a fuckin' all girl's school (thanks mom!!!!) is fucked for getting dates. I told her I'm so horny the hotdogs in the cafeteria are starting to look real good!!!!!! We've set up a date for Saturday. Friday his team is in a competition or whatever. He doesn't have a car, so we have to meet at Market Square.


Oct 9.

Had my first date with Jason yesterday!! He's great. Very much the gentleman, which is okay. We met at the mall, and had lunch at the McDonald's. He's a sweet guy, and two years older than me. He's thinking of joining the military after he finishes college (this year, a year early, he's so smart!). He took me to a matinee showing some older Woody Allen films. I didn't tell him I'm not a big fan, but I enjoyed Sleeper very much. Then we walked around Market Square just looking into the stores. He had a family dinner to go to, so he put me on the bus, and kissed my cheek.


Oct 22.

I was starting to get worried that Jason didn't like me. He called me once after our date two weeks ago, but nothing after that. Toni said he was just busy with school. He's a dedicated student, and school comes first she says. But anyway he called today, and wants to take me out tonight! He has the use of his older brother's car, who is in town helping their dad with his business. Apparently their dad is not doing well health-wise. Toni doesn't know much about it because she has a different father.


Oct 22 (pm)

Oh my god! I don't think I have to worry about Jason not liking me!!! We had a GREAT evening, and I'm writing it down now so I don't forget the details. Jason took me to an italian restaurant that he used to work at when he was in high school. Great place and terrific food. We then went out and parked. We were in his brother's pickup. It was dark and one thing led to the next and he started kissing me, putting his tongue in. His hand went over my left boob, and he started to squeeze. I wanted him to touch me directly, so I lifted up my blouse. He went in under my bra, which hurt, so I just took it off. We kissed for maybe 10 minutes as he explored both of my boobs with his hands and his mouth. He has a really talented tongue, and he knows how to suck on my nipples in a way that makes me feel like I'm gonna come. I know I was getting soaking wet as he licked and sucked all around my nipples. The air outside was cold so we had the windows up, and they started to get all foggy. I was getting so wet I knew he could smell me. I was so embarrassed! "Girl in heat!!!"

Jason then complained his side was aching and wanted to switch places so he could lean over me the other way. As we switched, he scooted on the seat and I went over. I brushed my ass against his penis, which was ROCK HARD. I must have blushed 3 shades of red, because he just laughed, and told me it meant he liked me. He asked if I wanted to touch it. He wasn't at all demanding. Of course I did! I reached over and put my left hand over his crotch. He asked if he could take it out, because it was straining against his pants, and it was uncomfortable. Well I had heard that one before, but Jason was so calm and nice about it. He unzipped his pants, scooted them down around his hips, and took out the most efuckingnormous cock I have ever seen!!! I like to suck cock but there's no way I could even get a third of that in my mouth. It was also so thick that my fingertips couldn't touch when I wrapped my hand around it! He guided my head down to him, and I licked the tip. I could taste a little drip of come that had oozed out. I asked him if he was already ready to climax, but he said no, he was just getting started.

I stroked Jason's milk chocolate cock, feeling the veins pulse. I put as much of it into my mouth as I could. With my other hand I stroked his balls which were getting tight. Jason was completely shaved all around his cock and balls as it helps his swimming. I really liked the smoothness. I could sense he was getting closer and closer to coming, and I asked if he wanted to fuck me. I couldn't believe I said that, but I wanted him so bad! He said "the night is young," or some stupid shit like that, and started to buck his hips as I stroked up and down on his penis. He tensed up and let himself go inside my mouth. I wasn't expecting it so soon, and I choked on him. He apologized over and over again, but I told him it was okay.

After as we talked a bit his fingers just drifted between my legs and under my skirt. I had absolutely no intention of turning him down! His fingers were long and slender. He stroked around the edges of my panties, then snuck two fingers inside the elastic. They just popped into my pussy like they belonged there. When he felt how wet and open I was he just said "ooooh, baby!" I took my panties off and threw them onto the floor. He guided my legs so that I could prop my feet onto the dash. He rubbed my cliTonis and finger fucked me. He was VERY good, and I came twice. After the second come I didn't even have a chance to catch my breath when he scooted me around so that he could get on top of me.

His cock was hard again, or still hard I'm not sure. He asked if he needed a rubber, and I told him yes. He got one out of the glove compartment, and I helped roll it on. It went up only half way on his prick. He then lowered himself on me, and slowly guided his cock into my pussy. At first it was okay, then it started to hurt a little because I was still tight. I told him and he immediately pulled back out. He reached down with his fingers and opened me up a little bit. After coming I had tightened back up. He kissed me as his fingers slowly stretched me. I then told him I thought I was ready, and he put his cock back into me. It went in must easier this time. I could look down and see not all of it was inside, but it already felt like it was hitting where no other cock ever had. He made slow strokes, pulling out quickly but pushing back in slowly. I wrapped a leg around him and tried to pull him in more with my hands on his butt. But then it started to hurt some more, so he backed off. Then he started picking up some speed. He kissed me really hard and said, "I'm coming now!" His body shook. He went limp on me and I held him close with my legs. After a minute he pulled all the way out. He was still half hard, and I could see the rubber was filled with his come. He pulled the rubber off, wrapped it in a paper towel, and then kissed all around my pussy. He put his tongue in real deep, and made me come again. He told me he loved the way I taste.


Nov 10.

Jason called today and told me his dad was in the hospital. It wasn't unexpected. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I think I'm more upset about not being able to see Jason again, then for his dad's illness. Isn't that terrible? I'm trying not to feel bad about it. He has to do what he has to do. He told me he'll see me again as soon as he can.


Nov 30.

I haven't been able to see Jason because his dad had to go into the hospital to remove some kidney stones. But yesterday we were able to get together again. I came out to see him at his house. At first he asked me not to. It turns out he was just embarrassed about the way his family lived. They lived in an older neighborhood, and because of his dad's illness the house has fallen apart. After I told him it was fine with me he finally said it would be okay for me to come over. He introduced me to his brother Jake who loaned him the truck, and Jake just had this big smile on his face. I'm sure Jason told him all about how we fucked in his truck. Maybe he found the used rubber.

Jake couldn't let us borrow the truck again that day, so we just walked the nine blocks to the bus, and headed into town. We both really wanted each other, but there was no place where we could be private. We couldn't do anything at his house, and my dorm is strictly girls only. We ended up going to a motel. Jason has just enough money to pay for one night, and he checked us again. I was so nervous I almost threw up in the parking lot! We had arranged he'd get the room, and I would watch to see the room he went into. 10 minutes later I'd go up and knock on the door. He went into room 210. It's the first motel room I've ever been in with a guy!! I was nervous and excited at the same time.

When I came up he let me in the door, and we just held each other for several minutes. We didn't even take off our coats. We started kissing, and he moved his hands up and down my body. He unbuckled my jeans and panties and pulled them down around my ankles. I couldn't move my legs. He stuck his fingers up me, then took them out, licking off the juice. We were soon both stripped naked, and on the bed. We got into a 69. I sucked his enormous cock while he put his long tongue into my pussy. I was so incredibly wet that I could feel me running out and down the inside of my thigh.

After a couple minutes Jason just stopped, and said "oh shit!" I got off him, and he told me he didn't have any rubbers. He asked me if I had any money so he could go out and buy some. I told him it was okay I was on the pill. I wanted a rubber the last time because I didn't know him as well. He must have asked me 10 times if I was really sure he could come in without a rubber. Finally he got the idea it was cool! He put me down on the bed, hovered his cock around the opening of my pussy, and kissed me for several minutes. During this I could feel his cock grazing against the lips and my clit. He finally pushed in. I was more ready for his size this time, and the position on the bed was better. He was able to get just about all of it in. The last inch or so started hurting, so he didn't push in to the hilt.

Jason was much more aggressive this time. He stroked MUCH harder and faster. I pointed my legs straight up into the air so that he could get as deep as possible. When he came, his come squirted out so hard that I could feel it against my uterus. I've never ever felt this before with any of my boyfriends. He came in three or four squirts. He rolled off of me, and I could feel a big mess between my legs. His cock was still hard, and had some come still on it. I reached down and felt a river of semen running out of me. Jason got up and fetched me a towel.

We fucked a total of three times that night before we left the motel. I'm not even sure how many times I came. He doesn't last long, but he's a great fuck just the same. He comes in just a minute or two. I'm not really sure I could take it for longer because he opens me up so wide. The next day I'm always sore. Jason stayed hard most of the time except near the end, even between times. The towel we used to soak up his come was drenched by the end of the night. I know I left with some still inside my pussy. By the time I got back to the dorm much of it had dried on my panties.

MILFs, yes, but also WWLTF (wives who like to fuck).

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