My wife writes to her friend about letting
the college kid watch her masturbate

Barb has never been much of an exhibitionist -- until now! Recently she allowed herself to be voyeured by Derek, a young college-age fellow who comes around about once a week to take care of garden chores for us. We've known him and his family for years, and lately Barb has taken to fantasizing about him, and a couple of times has masturbated while watching him work.

(Note: These screen captures are really of my wife Barb, caught another time as she was masturbating while watching Derek work outside. These are among my favorites. I love the way her ass crack peeks over her stretch pants, which she has pushed down in order to rub her pusssy!)

Gracie, Sorry I cut our call short last night. Dinner was burning!

Yeah, Saturday was amazing. G left about 4:30 in the morning with his friend who lives down the street, and they went on his boat to do some fishing. Poor G doesn't really like to fish, but his job is so stressful during the week that it's his way of forgetting about things for a couple days.

Okay, so let me complete Barb's Amazing Story! I woke up really that's a surprise!! I was lying in bed, and was going to get out my massager when I heard Derek go through the side gate. He'd come over a little early this time, but he's always very quiet. I know you only met him the one time, but he's even better looking, if you can believe it. Over the summer he worked at his dad's landscape business and now there's even more pecks to look at!! He's back at school now, but he still comes by almost every Saturday morning to take care of the yard crap I don't have time to do any more. He's got a couple houses in the area he does on the weekends.

I figured what the hell. The house is empty, my clit is buzzing, and I wanted to do something really dumb!! So I went out to the den with just my robe on. The window to the den is at the rear of the house, and Derek works on the lawn back there. I opened the curtains just a little bit so that if Derek came by, he's just be able to see me, but still feel that I couldn't see him.

Derek fucked around in the side yard for maybe 20 minutes as I was laying on the love seat. I figured I'd have to take care of myself pretty soon here if he didn't get his cute little ass to the back. Finally I heard him walk around to the back yard, so I started to slowly play with myself. At first just my fingers, but then I went for the rubber dong. I've put on a 3" extender to make it thicker and longer. I was already so fuckin' wet with all this I didn't need any extra lubrication! The dong just slid right in. It was real hard keeping my pussy quiet!!

So I was there, laying with my robe parted around my mound, working my clit with my fingers and the dong. I really didn't know if Derek could see me, so I just worked it as I normally do. It felt utterly fantastic, just thinking he was watching me masturbate. I had this vision of me standing, bent over in front of him, as he fucked me from behind. He was pulling my hair back a little each time he thrust his cock deep into me.

Out of habit I closed my eyes for a little while, and when I opened them again I could see out of the corner of my eye Derek's reflection in the window glass. He was standing maybe a foot away from the house, looking down at my very wet, very ready, and very very willing pussy through the window. He didn't think I could see him because he stayed behind the closed part of the curtain.

I just kept going, opening my legs a little more so he could see better. It looked like he had unzipped his pants and was working his cock, but I wasn't sure at the time. He was very quiet, and after about a minute, I let myself go, feeling a flood of contractions ripple through my clit and pussy walls. I laid there quietly for a bit, and then I saw Derek slowly inch back and walk away. I really, really hope he liked what he saw!

It was so great being watched. I am really digging this! I'm enjoying showing off a little. It's not something I was comfortable with, but I'm getting to like it. I'm still not sure if I want Derek to fuck me for real, but I have to admit I think about it a lot. He's my favorite fantasy right now. I imagine him having a big rock-hard cock that lasts forever. (Hey, he's all of 20...of course he'd last forever!) I think about him on top of me, thrusting his hips up and down while I hold on to his tight butt, digging my fingers into him.

I think about when he comes he shoots his hot semen deep inside me. It stays inside most of the day as I go grocery shopping and run my errands. I think about every once in a while dipping a finger inside my vagina and withdrawing some of the liquid, smelling it and licking it. Great image for a soccer mom driving her SUV around town, isn't it!?!

Well.......I do know that he jacked off while watching me. That's the most amazing thing! About 10 minutes later I got dressed, while he was in the front yard I went around to the back and saw several small white puddles on the cement walkway, and also a splash of something on the side of the house. They were still fresh and runny. It must of been Derek's cum. I would love to have seen it shoot out of his cock. Knowing that he jerked off while watching my pussy gets me hot all over again. The picture of that is still very strong in my mind. -B-

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