Barb sees two guys at the beach she likes,
and plays with herself while in the water

In this e-mail to her friend, Grace my wife goes to the beach on a Tuesday afternoon, and spies a couple of good-looking guys. She decides to masturbate while fantasizing about them, but finds it difficult while laying on the sand. So she finishes the job while wading out in the ocean.

LB='Lil Barb (Barb's pet name for her clitoris)

April 8

Hi Grace! I just returned from the beach, where I got some sun, enjoyed a few waves, watched some great looking guys, and had a fantastic orgasm!

It's still a bit early for tourist season, so my favoriate beach at ____ is not yet too crowded. It will be in the next month, so I wanted to get some rays now while I still could. Come early summer there won't be any parking spaces, let alone sand to lay on.

I set up my blanket, cooler, and umbrella about 60 feet from the surf, just in front of the bluffs. The air will a bit cool, so I kept my t-shirt on. I settled in for about 30 minutes of suntanning when two couples set themselves up a hundred feet or so from me, near the water. They were in their early 30s, "sporty" types. The guys were just absolutely gorgeous!! Very very fuckable. LB immediately sprang to attention with a little twitch that tells me she wants action.

One guy was a sandy blond, medium build, virtually no body hair anywhere, and with a great ass. The other was darker, a body-builder type. I couldn't see his ass as well because he wore loose running shorts. Even from my distance, I could tell he had a good package up front. As he helped his pal get set up I got quick flashes inside his shorts. I'm sure I could see cock!

After a few minutes they settled down, and their girlfriends (or wives or whatever) took off down the beach for a walk. I couldn't stop staring at these two guys! Both were on their backs, facing the ocean, propped up on their elbows.

LB was being a nuisance, and I thought I could rub her a bit if I covered myself up with a towel. I first tried laying on my stomach, facing the ocean, with the towel around my waist and legs. I put my right hand under me, and massaged my clit. It felt great, but it was awkward facing down while trying to keep an eye on my two guys.

I then switched around and sat cross-legged. I draped the towel over my knees, and edged my suit to one side of my crotch. I could jiggle LB directly, and get some fingers in me. I looked around to make sure no one was watching, and I don't think anyone was. Well, this position was better, and I would be able to eventually come. But I really wanted a closer view.

So I straightened my suit, and walked down to the beach. I know I caught their attention as they watched me wade into the surf. Okay, to be honest their eyes were all over the beach, taking in the various females. That doesn't bother me. I went out just far enough to cover most of my body in the foamy water, about 25 feet from shore, and directly in front of the guys. I had a much better view of both, and from this angle, I could see what really looked like a cock through the sides of the the dark man's shorts. The sandy blonde's penis was pressed firmly against the fabric of his suit. Perfect view!!

Without making it obvious I was looking at them (thank god for dark sunglasses!) I reached down and pushed my suit aside once more. With my hand I began to alternately rub LB and stick two fingers up me. I did this for maybe four or five minutes, fantacizing about being taken by both men at the same in my pussy and one in my mouth. Of course they had to trade off positions! Fair is fair among good friends...

I noticed that their girlfriends were returning. so I decided it would be best to finish up. I closed my eyes, sank a little lower in the water, and let myself go. I imagined their hard cocks emptying their sticky stuff into my pussy and mouth. God, it was wonderful!!! I came hard, and almost fell backward into the water.

The two guys got up to meet their women, and I paddled down the beach a little way. Before I got out I fixed up my suit. As I did I felt LB was still hard as a rock. Any ideas on what I can do to get her to behave??!!

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