Finding evidence of a wife's affair -- a used condom
and cum-stained panties!

Have you ever found a used condom in your car or trash, and you knew its contents didn't come out of you? I have!

About two years ago Barb had an affair with a co-worker. It lasted about a month, and after she ended it. Barb never knew that I had found out about the affair by using a little "forensic science"! Rather than being jealous, I found the secrecy exciting, and was turned on by wanting to spy on her as she had sex with another man. I first learned of my wife's extracurricular intercourse when she and her boyfriend had been too careless one night, leaving a used condom in the trash in her SUV. After she had come home, I needed to run out to the convenience store and I took her car. As I drove, I noticed that stuffed in an empty paper soda cup in the trash was a used condom. It still had fresh semen in it!

It turns out that Barb never took her lover into our house, preferring to fuck him in our SUV, or at his apartment. Putting cameras in either would be difficult; I had no access to this man's apartment (I hardly knew him) and vehicles don't provide many hiding places to conceal cameras, at least not places where you can get a good view of anything.

The affair ended before I could get any videos of them in action. But I was able to take some pictures of the "evidence."

Apparently, and as she mentions in her e-mail, on some other occasions she came home to me after fucking her boyfriend and just chatted with me, all the while with strange cum in her. I know that some women get really turned on by this!

The icing on the cake is an e-mail to her best friend, Grace. It recounts the first times my lovely and very over-sexed bride had her way with her young lover.

(These are the real pictures of my the used rubber I found in our car, and of the nearly-dry cum stain in my wife's panties. )

Dear Gracie,

Please forgive me! I have fallen off the wagon. Yes, you told me it would happen. You remember me talking about Jonathan. Well, I couldn't resist him any more, and I had to see what it would be like. Of course it was **wonderful**! Did I tell you he is 27? What I didn't tell you is that he's built like a donkey!! Yep, I do have a knack of finding these guys!!!! I guess I'm just lucky, or maybe there's some secret power I have that I can tell a guy's going to be large enough to actually feel him when we make love. And God did I ever feel him!!!!!

We started seeing each other two weeks ago, Friday. We met at his apartment after work. I made an excuse with G for being late, and Jonathan and I spent an hour just chatting about stuff. You know things have been a little rough, and I sort of dumped on him. He was a good listener.

He opened a bottle of wine, then another, and before you knew it were both pretty loaded! Neither of us had eaten, and the wine had gone through us quickly. He cut up some havarti and got out some water crackers, and we sat across from one another on the sofa nibbling on our dinner.

I don't know how much more time passed, but it didn't take long for me to feel that itchy, tingly sensation over my clit. I didn't make a conscious decision to do anything, but soon I just felt my legs open a little, and he could see up my dress. He stared down and started to grin.

So I opened my legs up a little more, then a little more. Finally I was basically spread eagle in front of the gorgeous guy, with nothing between him and my soaked pussy than a thin covering of blue panties. I could tell he really wanted me, because he had a sizable bulge in his pants. I really, really like it when guys get hard kissing and feeling me. I know they can't stop it, and I am the one in control.

He reached down and removed my panties, and then literally dived between my legs. He started licking and sucking my clitty. I came almost instantly! He slurped out my juices for what seemed like forever, and I had a couple more orgasms. I finally had to tell him to stop, as I was getting sore. He still had my pussy juices on his chin when he got up, undid his belt, and let his pants fall to his ankles.

He snuggled between my legs, then started to push his penis into me. It was the hardest, most beautiful cock I have felt in years. Right there though I stopped him and asked if he had a condom. He left to get one, slipped it on, and fucked me for maybe 30 minutes, in every position I've ever seen in the porn flicks. I lost count of the times I came that night! His cock is pretty thick....not as thick as my old boyfriend Jim's though.... and my clit was able to rub against the shaft each time he pushed it in. I was in heaven and enjoying sex like I haven't been able to for years.

Since then I've seen him a couple more times. He's shown me he's clean and tested, and I know him well enough that I now let him ride me bareback. I have found that bigger guys alsoi seem to have more volume of cum, and it's been a problem because after he releases in me, it stays for hours. On the other hand I like coming home and chatting there to G, me knowing that just an hour or two ago I have another man screw me, and his cum is sitll all up in there. It makes me so fucking HOT!!

He and I don't really have a lot in common other than similar lines of work, and of course the fuckin'. So this isn't a long-term love affair. But I have to say I feel much better about myself and about things than I have in a long time.

Tell me about your latest adventure. You've been too quiet lately! Love, B

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