The Secret Life of a Real Hot Wife!

My wife's name is Barb. She likes to write about her sexual exploits and experiences, but she seldom shares them with me. Like most any curious husband, I've intercepted many of her e-mails. My wife doesn't know I've guessed her e-mail password, and I know much more about her than she thinks I do.

Some of these are my personal stories of life with Barb, a true hot wife. We have an open marriage where she's allowed to date other men - as long as she either lets me watch, or tells me all about it when she gets home.

George talks about wife Barb's fondness for big cocks, and cum

Barb's favorite porn actor is Peter North. He has a big cock, which she much prefers, and he's a heavy cummer. She can get off to just about anything he's in. When I'm out on call, it's not unusual for Barb to spend the evening stroking her clit while watching one of his videos.

Knowing that she did this is one of the main reasons I set up cameras to catch her at it. I still remember the first time I caught her on tape. My cock grew rock hard in an instant, and I was jacking off watching her fiddle her pussy. I had'always wanted to watch my wife secretly masturbate, and the porn videos got her to be extra naughty.

My wife enjoys a creampie after fucking a friend at a party

In this story, sent to her friend Grace, about a year after her divorce from her first husband, Barb has sex with a colleague during a party. He doesn't make her cum, so she finishes herself off in the bathroom.

This is the earliest instance I've found of her addiction for masturbating after her man has cum inside her, feeling his semen run out of her pussy and onto her legs and feet. I don''t know how many other women have this fetish, but I think it's a "power trip" sort of thing for the lady to know she's in charge of her guy's spunk — before, during, and even after!

My wife wants to experiment with another couple, and have me take pictures!

What a husband finds out by reading his wife's private e-mail! This letter from Barb is a reply to Roberta. In Roberta's first e-mail to Barb (see above), she suggested having a threeway with my wife and her husband.

To my amazement, Barb comes back and says she prefers threesomes with two guys, and wants to try one with me!! We'll see if she ever brings it up. I was also amazed to read that she is interested in someone from work, and they've so far kissed and petted. She daydreams about having this guy, while I take pictures — and she never likes me taking pictures.

Wife plays with herself on an airplane while the guy in the next seat sneaks a peek!

My wife Barb is not by nature an exhibitionist, though I have discovered on occasion she's had sex or masturbated in front of others. It seems to both turn her on, and make her nervous. I think she's just unsure how other people will view her sexuality.

In this e-mail to her best friend Grace, Barb needs to have an orgasm during a long "red eye" flight. She's determined to go through with it, even though there's a someone sitting just two seats away. Turns out he secretly watches, and Barb enjoys putting on a show for both of their benefits.

Wife's first sexual encounters found in her secret diary!

Recently I came across two of my wife's diaries from her first years in college. She had hidden them away in some boxes of family papers. Barb had moved from home to a small all-girl's college. Away from her mother's meddling influence, she was finally able to explore her sexuality. From these's diaries, it's clear she made up for lost time!

In this installment she writes about Jason, who introduced her to the wonders of fucking a really thick cock. Though she's had maybe 2-3 fellows by this time, Jason's "gift" is a new experience for her.

Voyeur George's Guide to catching your wife masturbating

There is something strangely erotic about discovering - and watching - your wife masturbating by herself. The thrill of catching a wife playing by herself is the ultimate voyeur's fantasy.

Only trouble is, depending on your wife catching her in the act isn't all that easy! Here's my my own thoughts on how to go about doing it, along with suggestions I've found throughout the Internet.

George finds evidence of Barb's affair: A used condom and cum-stained panties

Have you ever found a used condom in your car or trash, and you knew its contents didn't come out of you? I have!

About two years ago Barb had an affair with a co-worker. It lasted about a month. Barb never knew that I had found out about the affair by using a little "forensic science"! One day I discovered a used condom in the car. On at least two other secret dates she let her boyfriend cum in her cunt. Both times she came home and immediately took a shower, stuffing her soiled panties in the hamper. I fished one from its hiding place, and took quick pictures.

Barb gets the rubber dildo treatment as she talks about past exploits

In the months following our engagement, Barb asked for, and got my permission, to explore a few more sexual experiences before being permanently hitched. Her first marriage was constrictive, and Barb wanted the freedom to try out a couple of her own fantasies before settling down again.

In this letter to her pal Grace, my soon-to-be-wife visits the home of Jan and Thierry ("J" and "T"), and the evening progressed to the couple's hot tub. There's some great masturbation action here, and Barb lets herself go for wild sex with Thierry.

Wife and her friends chat about showing off in public

My wife Barb chats online with her friends Grace, Celeste, and Jennette about showing off to strangers. Jennette is the most bashful of the bunch, but even she has admitted to showing a nipple or two to an anonymous admirer. More than just showing tits and pussy, both Barb and Celeste talk about how they've let other people watch them masturbate.

Barb has masturbated while seated next to a stranger on a plane, once while a neighbor watched, and — news to me — openly in front a co-worker at her office.

Read what a wife and her girlfriends say in private chat!

For the past month Barb has been spending time on a new private chatroom that she and several of her friends have set up. It's hosted on a sex-related site, so naturally a good deal of what they write about is sex. I found out how to have the chatroom software store a log of the conversation.

This is the first of several installments. I've been busy organizing the chat sessions along "themes" — like favorite masturbating techniques, first times, actors they fantasize about, most outrageous sexual experience, cheating, sexual appetite of women over 30, and that most mysterious question of all, does size really matter.

My wife masturbates while reading a sexy e-mail from a new online friend

My wife Barb recently began chatting with a new online female friend, Roberta. Like my wife, Roberta is married, over-sexed, and loves to fuck!

They enjoy sharing erotic e-mail with each other. Barb will often print out the longer e-mails she gets from Roberta and masturbate while reading them. I was lucky enough to catch Barb rubbing her clit one day to one of the e-mails. I went into my wife's e-mail, and found the following message sent from Roberta just the day before. It's pretty wild, suggesting Barb join Roberta and husband in a 3some, plus some carpet munching between the two gals!

George watches his future wife fuck and suck

Barb and I dated for about three years before we got married. For the first two years both of us saw other people. Shortly before we were engaged, Barb and I were both invited to the same party by a mutual friend. She came with another date.

In this story I tell about how I saw my future wife and her date sneak out of the house and go to his car for a long fuck. I have to admit that it was a turn-on seeing her open her legs to let another man into her.

I got so turned on seeing her take his cock in her pussy and mouth. Though some men tend to get jealous about such things, it can be a real turn-on to know the woman you are married to likes sex just as much (if not more) than we do! Knowing your wife's pussy has been visited by another guy can add spice to your life.

Barb sees two guys at the beach she likes, and plays with herself while in the water

When she has the time, Barb likes to sun herself at the beach, not only for the tan, but for the scenery. I don't mind that Barb appreciates the male form — her sexuality is one of the things that attracted me to her in the first place.

In this e-mail to her friend, Grace my wife goes to the beach on a Tuesday afternoon, and spies a couple of good-looking guys. She decides to masturbate while fantasizing about them, but finds it difficult while laying on the sand. So she finishes the job while wading out in the ocean.