Amateur Wife Watchers Site Reviews

On these pages I review some of the better voyeur sites and movies of hot wives, nasty MILFs, and bad girlfriends.


In case you've been living under a rock, CFNM means Clothed Female, Nude Male. A guy get down in front of one or more honry clothes ladies, and the ladies have their way with him.

Pure CFNM is one of the net's premier Clothed Female, Nude Male sites, boasting thousands of high quality pictures and movies. This sort of content is a combination of voyeur and exhibitionist, with a twist that it's the girls who are in control. Trust me, you'll love it!

Solowife Hidden Masturbation Videos

Solowife is updated twice weekly with new movies in both Windows WMV and MPEG4 format; so you can download and watch your flicks on Windows and Mac's computers, plus nearly all mobile devices, including tablets and phones.

Videos are organized by wife/girlfriend, and by general category, such as Hidden Humping. You can preview the entire site in the guest area.

Cum Eating Cuckolds

if you like your cuckolding hard and nasty, then Cum Eating Cuckolds is the place for you! These cucks are "encouraged" to eat the cum left by their wife's or girlfriend's lover.

A little bit of cock sucking to help him get hard for her isn't out of the question, either! Later videos are with condoms (in keeping with certain laws pertaining to adult products within the city of Los Angeles), but there's still plenty of cum flying around, and there are years of videos depicting good old bareback creampies and pussy splooging.

Voyeur Russian

VR is a site where everyday people can contribute movies and photos of their cute girlfriends and wives. Quality can vary, but it's candid and unscripted, and well worth poking around for the good stuff.

Despite the site name, Voyeur Russian isn't always Russian, and it's more than just voyeur -- you'll find lots of posed and exhibitionist content, too. Some ladies just like to get naked, I guess.

Hot Movies - Streaming Movies

On Hot Movies you'll find over a hundred thousand movies, on just about every conceivable topic you can imagine.

Naturally, they have scads of voyeur and exhibitionist flicks to choose from. Enter your pleasure in the Search box, and go to town. You can also narrow your search, such as sub-category, production studio, and more.

Most of the videos have thumbnails and free previews, a nice time-saving feature.

See My Girlfriend

Got girlfriend? Okay, let's see her! Fucking or sucking you or another guy? No problem. Masturbating at home or in public? Sure! Twerking, sexting, flashing -- you name it, See My Girlfriend's got it, all contributed by members showing off their special gals.

I especially like the many masturbation videos, hidden or otherwise, of cuties spending time stuffing found objects in their holes. Hairbrushes, toothbrushes, bottles, even bowling pins ... it's all good!

All models and depictions 18+.