Voyeur's Motel - Girls Caught Beating Off in a Motel Room

Hidden camera masturbation in motel captured by two-way mirror

People get horny when they're traveling. In these videos, an enterprising motel staffer has placed several cameras strategically in the room, catching young women as they spend the night at a beach side resort motel (my guess, somewhere in England based on the accents).

We see these curvey beauties undress, put on lotion, bathe, and whack at their clits at least once, usually more. Some of the gals have phone sex, while others simply blow off steam after returning from the pool or a party by masturbating. Often they fall asleep afterward.

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Voyeur's Motel Volume 1

Shoulder length brunette hair, large breasts, shaved pussy. Puts on lotion while nude on bed. Tries on string bikini before going out.

Masturbates on bed after short phone call to boyfriend. Approximate running time: 00:34:45.

Voyeur's Motel Volume 3

Tall slender brunette with small pointy tits. Toys with pussy lips while nude on bed during a phone call. Gets dressed in black evening skirt and dark nylons before going out.

Returns for her outing. Masturbates again in tub using water spray and fingers. Approximate running time: 00:31:21.

Voyeur's Motel Volume 5

Strawberry blonde with shoulder length hair and large round boobs.Plays with herself using a vibrator while nude on bed.

Fingers herself some during phone call. Dresses in white skirt and white panties and then masturbates. Takes shower (no mast). Approximate running time: 00:27:41.

Voyeur's Motel Volume 6

Blonde with firm breasts, completely shaved pussy. Masturbates under black panties before going out. Takes shower, rubs pussy and sprays with shower head but does not orgasm.

Beats off again during a phone call to husband. Several orgasms. Approximate running time: 00:27:29 .

Voyeur's Motel Volume 7

Gal with large tits undresses to her thong while talking on phone. Puts on string bikini. Comes back from pool, can't sleep, and masturbates in bed. Naps.

After shower puts on party dress. Later, comes back alone and masturbates again in bed, using dildo. Approximate running time: 00:24:22.

Voyeur's Motel Volume 8

Brunette with hair up and full boobs and pink nips puts on lotion in bed while nude. Rolls onto tummy and humps her hand before turning over to finish herself off.

Dresses in see-thru top/short skirt for party. Comes back drunk and horny. Wanks herself again, then drifts off. Approximate running time: 00:28:21.

Voyeur's Motel Volume 9

Young babe with perky tits begins to masturbate under covers. Uses dildo to finish herself, licks off juice when done.

After an outing returns, and jills while having torrid phone sex. Comes several times. Approximate running time: 00:30:47.

Voyeur's Motel Volume 10

Tall and thin brunette arrives and immediately begins whacking off under black panties. Removes panties and finishes.

After shower, comes back from party, and beats her little meat again. Approximate running time: 00:19:15.

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