Wife writes about staying with a coworker at a convention,
she puts on a nut-busting "secret" voyeur show

I just wanted to let you know there are many wives out there that also like it when our husbands or other men watch us! It's an incredible feeling to know I can turn on a man just by having him look at my body. It's also the safest form of safe sex out there!!

For a long time long my husband and I role-played that he was a stranger wanting to look up my dress. So we'd go out in public and I'd pretend I didn't know him and I'd sit seductively on benches or in fast food restaurant chairs, giving him quick peeks. This eventually graduated to having other men peek at me, where my husband enjoyed their reaction just as much - if not more - than the view up my dress, or down my blouse.

I like to dress in full, flowing skirts that show off my shape. I'm petite, 5'5", with jet black shoulder-length hair. I'm half Latina and light skinned. I have nice boobs that are full enough to get noticed, but not too big that it looks unnatural. They're 34B, and firm. I wear a bra to work, but often go without one on my days off. My dark pink nipples are always hard, with small areola.

I'd like to tell you a story about how I put on a "secret" masturbation show for a coworker of mine in a hotel room we had to share one week when we were managing a convention for our company. I work as a secretary/receptionist for a medical supply firm, and we go to several conventions around the country every year. I had never gone to one before, but since my husband was deployed in Iraq, and I have no kids, they asked if I'd like to attend. My company is generous about providing a bonus for those who will work the shows, so I said yes.

Our product manager, Daniel, is a very nice looking and tall guy of about 27, and unmarried. He looks like a movie star, with a great build from working out a lot. But he's very shy, and blushes a lot around the women in the office. He and I were booked into the convention hotel, but because of a reservation screw up, we only got one room. By the time we arrived the hotel was full. Daniel suggested he'd sleep in the car, which I said was nonsense. I told him I knew he was a nice guy and wouldn't try anything. He offered to put up a curtain between our two double beds, which he did that afternoon using some thumbtacks and extra fabric from our booth. It actually was quite private.

Daniel had to check on something on the convention floor, and because my cell was recharging, I used the hotel phone to get my home messages. The phone was beside his bed, so I sat on the edge while I made my call. Okay, I admit to being a bit of a snoop myself. So I opened the drawer to his night stand and saw he had the usual toothbrush and shaving kit, but also a small bottle of Astroglide. Hmm!

I also noticed that from his bed, you could look down at the mirror on the wall opposite, and see a section of the lower half of my bed. If you're on my bed you can't see Daniel's, unless you are lying with your head at the foot of it. I chuckled, knowing Daniel didn't plan it that way. Still, it made me excited to think he could catch glimpses of me. I decided I would let him, just to see what his reaction would be.

Now, I don't cheat on my husband. While we've fantasized in bed about threesomes, it's just a fun thing. But I will admit right now that Daniel is the star of several of my current favorite fantasies, and it turned me on that I might be able to get him aroused. He was so shy I knew he wouldn't get any ideas and make anything of it.

That evening, after we said goodnight, I asked Daniel if I could read for a bit. He turned off his light and I put my lamp down low. I had brought some urban female romance book, and started reading. I had on my long shirt that I always wear to bed. It covers to my mid thigh, and as I usually do I had on underwear. I laid on top of the covers and after a couple minutes, I pretended to start flicking at my clit over my shirt, keeping my nose in the book. I used my fingernail to scratch back and forth. Though I was only pretending to masturbate, it felt great anyway. I kept doing this for maybe 10 minutes, in the hope Daniel would notice me in the mirror. But soon after, I heard him breathing in that way you do when you first fall asleep. I was SO disappointed!

The next night, after our first day of the convention, I made sure I teased Daniel some before going to bed. I pulled back the curtains a bit so that we could both watch TV. I had my cotton night shirt on again, with my bare legs and feet. My toenails were painted the usual red, and I noticed Daniel kept looking at my feet. I guess he's a foot guy. I think he also admired the shape of my legs, which I keep toned by walking three miles a day.

After the TV show was over I yawned and told Daniel I was going to read awhile again. He said goodnight, and replaced the end of the curtain back to where it was. He had a different look in his eye this time, though, and I was curious if he'd stay awake a little longer, and figure out he could see the bottom half of me -- but I couldn't see him -- in the mirror.

I repeated what I did the night before, and this time it worked. As I rubbed my hardening clit, running my fingers over my whole slit, I noticed a squirty sound, and I knew it was from the Astroglide bottle, because my husband and I have that kind too, and it makes that sound when you squeeze it. He must have been putting it on his hard cock so he could jerk off. I kept pretending to read the book, while spreading my legs ever so slightly. I had panties on again that night, but I knew from his vantage point with the mirror he could look up between my thighs and see a little of the pink color of fabric under my white shirt.

I found that I didn't really need to pretend to masturbate. I did it for real quite naturally. I enjoy masturbating, and have to do it a lot with my husband overseas for over six months at a time. I usually masturbate every night, and always in the mornings on the weekends before I get up. I often use just my fingers, but I sometimes enjoy a small vibrator. And yes, I took it for this trip, thinking I'd have the privacy of my own room.

I could hear the sound of Daniel wanking because of the lubrication over his dick. It sounded a lot like fucking, and I knew he was about to come when his hand started pumping faster and faster. He let out a little sigh when he ejaculated, and I imagined this long heavy stream shooting out and spraying over his stomach and legs. I didn't know if I could orgasm because of all my mind was completely on Daniel and his hard athletic body and his hard potent cock. But I kept going for a few more minutes before stopping short. My kitty ached from not coming, and I decided I'd try again later in the night when the lights were out and I knew he was asleep.

The next night the air conditioner fan was making a lot of noise, so we agreed to turn it off and open the balcony window and drapes. Our room was on the second floor overlooking a golf course, and the breeze was nicer than the air conditioning. No one but the squirrels in the trees could look in from the outside. The large balcony window was on my side of the room, so when the lights were off, my bed was illuminated by the nighttime sky and the landscaping lights of the trees.

This night, with the light out, I started my routine again, and I knew I already had an audience. I was also horny as hell, and felt my kitty leak a little onto into my panties from all the excitement. I was ripe and ready to go! This time I slipped my panties off, wafting my scent into the room as I did. I wondered if Daniel could smell it too. It was pretty strong!

I hiked up my shirt to just around my hips to show more of my kitty. I keep it shaved and smooth all around the slit, but I like a 2" wife strip on the front. I think a neatly trimmed kitty is more erotic than nothing there at all, and I know my husband has always been appreciative of it. This would be the first time I had actually shown it to another man other than my husband. When my husband and I would go out flashing, I always wore at least a thong to cover me up.

I dipped a couple fingers into kitty as I started rubbing in a small circle over my clitoris. It was very wet and warm in there, much more than usual. I spread my legs even further apart, and as I did, I heard Daniel open the drawer to his bed stand to get out the Astroglide. There was no fan running in the room, so he had to be more careful about not having the bottle squirt and make a sound. But also because the fan wasn't running, I could hear the pumping of his hand over his cock as he lay there masturbating. I enjoyed the image in my mind of this virile guy getting turned on by my married kitty, and how it would feel if he could touch it or put his cock inside it. He thought he was seeing something he wasn't supposed to, and that made it 1000% more exciting to me.

I wanted to give him a really good show. So I lifted up my legs to make an "M" shape, with my kitty clearly visible under the light from outside. I could hear Daniel increasing his rhythm, but I hoped he wouldn't come too soon. I wanted to show him more, and I wanted enough time so that I could really orgasm for him.

For the next 10 minutes I strummed my clitoris, while putting one, two, and sometimes three fingers way up inside me. The sheets were starting to get drenched, and several times I had to stop to wipe the extra juices! I felt my orgasm starting to catch, and I was determined not to lose it. So I focused on me instead of thinking about Daniel and what he was doing in the next bed over, behind the curtains. After about two minutes, I heard the sound of two heavy spurts hitting the bedcovers. He stifled a moan, which was barely audible.

I was about to come, and I just let myself go. I lifted my feet off the bed. I felt a great bearing down as the first spasm ripped through my body, head to toe. My kitty made a little whooshing noise when the air I had been pushing into it escaped. The second, third, and fourth spasm rocked my entire body, making me shiver, and I could feel my kitty open and close around my fingers with each contraction.

When I was done, I slowly lowered my legs, wiped the rest of the thick kitty juice off my fingers, and got under the covers. As I was falling asleep I had some wonderful dreams of being touched and caressed by several men at once -- sorry, my husband wasn't one of them, but it was a dream after all! Feeling completely satisfied and more like a woman than I had ever felt before, I slept like a baby that night.

Sadly, the next day an extra room opened up in the hotel, and it would have looked bad had I stayed with Daniel. We took the curtain down that separated our beds, and as I did so I noticed a caked-on cummy stain on his bedspread, where he had sprayed his semen the night before. He had forgotten to wipe it up, but I was glad, because it proved to me he enjoyed what he saw, and thought I was sexy and pretty. Then in an odd gesture, he shook my hand as I left the room. He had a sad, almost forlorn look on his face, so I cheerfully kissed him on the cheek and said he could be my room mate any time.

That was the first I had ever masturbated in front of another man other than my husband, but it was not the last. But these wonderful experiences are for another letter. I need to get back to work!