Husband watches as his wife plays with herself
every night before going to bed!

My wife and I are in our mid-30s, with no kids. About six months I took a job with a waste management firm. It's not a dream job, but the pay is good. The job starts at 4am, so I'm usually in bed by 7pm. My wife's work schedule is almost the opposite, and she doesn't come home until after I've gone to bed.

The arrangement hasn't done our sex life any good, I'll tell you that. Fortunately we both have weekends off, which is the only time for screwing. Lately we've been having sex an average of maybe once or twice a month. It's not an ideal situation, but I know it won't last forever. I know I've been visiting the porn sites a couple times a week to relieve myself of the sexual tension, but I had no idea my wife had turned to frequent masturbating to help her get through the day. In fact, she probably does it at least once a day. I've watched her on several occasions and I have to tell you it's the biggest turn-on I've ever experienced!

The first time I caught my wife she was lying on the sofa with a blanket over her. I had gone to bed, but woke up at about 11:30 feeling thirsty. All the lights were out, except for a dim glow from the living room, where we have our TV. My wife has always been a night person, and she often watches TV before going to bed. I didn't think anything of it and quietly walked by the living room door on the way to the kitchen.

I saw a glimpse of something that made me stop. My petite wife -- she wears size 0 dresses -- was watching some soft porn on the TV and in the dim light I could make out movement under the blanket. Every minute or so the middle of the blanket would raise up a few inches, and shake back and forth a little. It would then settle back down again. I thought at first it was the cat on her lap, but then I saw the cat sleeping on the couch beside her! I realized she was stroking her own clitty while watching the people on the TV having sex. I felt my own cock grow hard, and I positioned myself in the doorway so I could duck out of the way if she turned her head.

For the next several minutes I watched the middle of the blanket shake every time there was a juicy scene. My cock had popped out of the fly in my shorts, and my hand instinctively reached down and was stroking it. Every time my wife got busy again I stroked faster. I came in about two minutes but stayed hard because watching my lady diddle herself when she thought no one was looking was an incredible turn on!

After about 10 minutes the shaking under the blanket got faster and faster, and my wife was no longer looking at the TV. Her legs were stretched out tight, parted slightly as I know she likes when she's about to come. Her head was tipped back, and her eyes were tightly closed. She then arched her back and let out a low groan as she orgasmed. By then her legs were spread about as wide as when we're fucking. Her other hand had done under the blanket too, and I knew her fingers were stuffed inside her well-lubricated pussy as she came. She likes to have something in her when she comes, or else she says her pussy muscles can ache so much it hurts.

As she came I felt another spurt of hot jizz shoot out of my cock as I came a second time. It hit the door jamb where I standing hard enough that I heard it splat! Though I couldn't see it, I could feel with my bare feet that the carpet was wet where my cum had dripped down.

In the afterglow, I could see my wife move her legs back together, as she took out both hands from under the blanket. She smelled her left hand, which I knew had been inside her pussy. She wiped the juices from her fingers onto the blanket. By then my legs were weak and I went back to bed. I never did get the glass of water!


That was the first time I watched my wife secretly masturbate, but it was hardly the last. For the last several months she's done it every night. Sometimes she watches a soft porn feature on cable, but other times I've seen her put a hardcore DVD into the player and jack herself off as if she were a teenager who has just discovered her clit. The only trouble is that I'm not getting as much sleep as I should, but the show sure it great!

When it got a little warmer -- and I guess more certain I wouldn't wake up and catch her -- she stopped covering herself with the blanket. Though she's never totally nude, she always pushes down her pants, panties, or whatever she's wearing so she can directly massage her clitoris. It's so fuckin' hot to watch your wife furiously rub herself with her pants half way down her legs!!

One night about a week ago I snuck out to watch her again. She had put on a vid that was nothing more than a compilation of hardcore scenes featuring some very graphic fucking. She had a nightgown on, and when I first came out she was lying on the couch with the nightgown fully covering her. Every once in a while she'd tickle her little clitty through the silky fabric of the nightgown, but she was taking her time getting herself aroused. Then during one scene as two guys were fucking a girl, and both had their cocks buried in her pussy, my wife reached down and drew her nightgown up to her belly, exposing her naked snatch. She then started rubbing more vigorously, slowing down every once in a while to make it last longer.

She timed her orgasm so she came just when one of the guys on the DVD shot his load on the girl's back. By this time my wife's legs were lifted high in the air, and I could hear her pussy farting from all the movement of her fingers inside it. Her cunt was making squishy sounds like I've never heard before! At first I thought she had dumped a bunch of Astroglide into it (she's been dry lately) but then I realized it was all her own juices.

I felt a strong pulsing in my cock and I knew I was about to cum as I watched my wife finger-fuck herself to oblivion. I dumped my own hot load into a paper towel, which I had started using so that I didn't need to clean up the carpet the next morning. My cock was staring to go limp and I was just about to go back to bed when I saw my wife reach between the cushions of the couch and pull out something. My wife wasn't finished pleasuring her pretty little pussy!

At first I thought I'd just skip this one and go back to bed, but then I saw what she had pulled out. It was an ENORMOUS rubber dildo. It must have measured 10-12 inches long, and was maybe two inches across. It had veins molded into it, and two big balls that served as handles.

I got back into position behind the doorjamb and watched as my little wife recline into position, putting one leg on the back of the couch, and the other off the edge and to the floor. This opened up her hole for easier access to the monster cock that she then slowly inserted into her. I couldn't see the thing disappear into her cunt because her back was toward me. But I could see less and less of its length as she gently guided more of it into her. Occasionally she pulled it out, only to reinsert it back even further.

She had put in maybe half of the giant cock when she went back to slowly rubbing her pussy. Every once in a while she'd look back toward the living room door, to make sure no one was there. But I had learned how to hide myself behind the edge of the doorjamb so that she couldn't see anything. She always had the lights completely out, which made it even easier to hide.

It took another 10 minutes or so for my lady to work up to speed. Her fingers deftly moved across her puffed-up clitty. She'd go fast, then slow, then fast again. Sometimes she'd stop altogether and once or twice I thought she got tired and quit. But soon she's start up again, alternating the speed of her rubbing as she worked herself up to another explosive orgasm.

I could tell she was starting to reach the top when she began to move the enormous dildo in and out of her. She's move it almost all the way out, and I could see its full length poised over her pussy mound. She'd then quickly push it back in. As she did this, the dildo got buried more and more until I realized she had gotten all of it inside her! As I said, my wife is not a large woman. She's complained sometimes of my 6" cock hitting against her uterus when we make love. And now she had this gargantuan monster pushed far up her.

My wife then arched her back, and stopped the pumping action of the dildo inside her. Her fingers continued to play over her clitty as she went over the edge. With her head tipped back I could see she was in the throes of the biggest orgasm I had ever witnessed anyone having. This lasted for at least 20 seconds, until she started moving the cock in and out again. She was coming once more, this time feeling that big bulk deep inside the folds of her size 0 body. She shuddered as she came, and she continued to pull the cock out, only to jam it hard back into her hungry cunt. By now her pussy was so went it was like a soaked sponge, and the loudest sounds were those of her pussy, popping and smacking with its juice as it gripped the big cock.

Watching this I forgot to stroke my cock so that I would cum. But it was so hard it hurt. I grabbed it tightly, and with about five strokes I let out several powerful streams of white liquid. I had used up my paper towel the time before so I just let it splatter against the wall. As my jizz oozed to the ground my wife pulled the cock out of her. When she did, her pussy let out all the air that had been trapped inside. She giggled at the sound, and I had to hold back my own laughter!

She put her legs together, stuffed the big dick back into the cushions, and straightened her nightgown over her. In the glow of the TV I could see a very happy, contented woman. She obviously loves her work, and I love watching her work!

(Afternote: For those of you who are interested, one time when my wife was gone I measured the dildo. It's 11" and has a special rubber sheath that makes it feel almost exactly like a real erect cock. It measures just over 6" in diameter. By comparison, my cock is 5 3/4" long, and about 3 1/2" in diameter. I have noticed that when we fuck things are a lot more loose, but she won't admit why!)

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