Jealous husband records his wife's infidelity on
his camcorder, then decides he's turned on!

I have not been the type to encourage my wife Carol to have sex with someone else. in fact quite the opposite. But, recently my ideas have changed. This is how it all happened.

I always thought of myself as the jealous kind. When we were dating she and I would get into arguments about whether we were allowed to see anyone else. At 5 foot 7 and 29 years old, a cheerleader's body, and pert tits, Carol gets her share of looks. Guys were constantly hitting on her and asking her out. There were several men from Carol's work who I knew had a big-time crush on her.

Carol and I dated for about a year (we've been married three years now), and I know she had a couple of other boyfriends during that time. I always wondered how I compared, and when I'd ask her about it, we'd always end up fighting. She knew I was sensitive, and after a while she just denied she was seeing anyone else, and told me our relationship was exclusive. Saying that was just easier that way.

Now I don't want to give you the idea my wife is a slut. It's just that she's always been highly sexed. She's had her share of boyfriends, but it's actually hard to get her into bed! It took us about six or seven dates over a period of a couple of months before she agreed to have sex with me. Once, I had a drink with one of her ex-boyfriends, and he told me it was the same with him.

The day we got married she was very nervous about making the commitment. I knew she loved me, and wanted to be with me. But I overheard a conversation she had with her younger sister that she didn't know if she'd be able to remain monogamous. She had so many years of freedom that the idea of "having just one cock" was hard for her to get used to. And then they said in unison: "There are so many out there!" which was one of their inside jokes.

All through the wedding ceremony I thought about her words, feeling a pit in my stomach. But I though I could win her over in the end.

And Carol was faithful for the first couple of years. Being suspicious I'd do things like check her diaphragm case to see if was empty, or go through the laundry and inspect her panties. There just wasn't any sign she was seeing another guy. Besides, our work schedules were the same, and any free time we had we always spent together. There wasn't any opportunity for her to cheat.

Then a couple months ago I noticed a change. She'd sometimes come home a half hour or so late, and she didn't always answer her cell phone when I'd call her during her lunch break. I went to look for her diaphragm in the usual place in the bathroom and the whole case would be gone, only to reappear that night after she got home. Sometimes the diaphragm would be in it, other times not. On those days she worked late I'd get up at night and check the laundry. The crotch of her panties would have a hard crust on them. The odor was very strong.

Once she got home 90 minutes late. I was mad, nervous, and worried all at the same time. When she came through the door her demeanor was soft and apologetic. There had been an accident on the freeway, she said. I immediately forgave her, and after she got out of her work clothes we snuggled on the living room couch.

One thing led to another, and before long we were both stripped naked. I said, "Let me go get the diaphragm," and she pulled me back, saying she put it in when she changed her clothes. When we fucked her pussy had a soft, slippery, jelly-like feel to it. I couldn't feel her as much as I usually do. When I brought it up she said she put in too much spermicidal cream. But she's done that before, and it didn't feel the same.

A little while later Carol and I went to her company picnic. They have it every year in a wilderness park near our town. There are acres and acres of grass, trees, and trails. I brought along the camcorder, as I usually do, as I'm an avid videographer.

After we all ate people went off to various activities. Some played volleyball, others played on a 3-hole golf course they have. Carol wanted to go for a walk, but I told her (she already knew) I wouldn't be able to go because I have a bad back from my work. She didn't want to set off alone, and a friend of hers from work, Ron, volunteered to stroll with her.

I immediately felt a pang of jealousy because I know Ron had always had a thing for Carol. But something told me to go along with it, so I wished them a good walk, and chatted with some other folks from Carol's work.

About 15 minutes later I got bored of the conversation, so I excused myself to hit the restroom. But I didn't go there; instead I took my camcorder and headed in the direction Carol and Ron took off. I must have wandered for a mile and my back was really killing me. I was about to turn back when I saw a flash or color through some of the trees. I worked my way around so I could have a better view and still not be seen.

I used the zoom on my camcorder to get a better view. It was Carol and Ron, sitting on a grassy area. At first I thought they were chatting, then I noticed Ron's hand would sometimes go up Carol's dress. At one point she squeezed at his cock through his pants. They were chatting and laughing, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. I was breathing so heavily at one time I thought I'd pass out!

They were far away, and the camera was zoomed all the way in. I really didn't know what to expect. I figured Carol and Ron were just doing some light petting. Then things quickly changed.

He planted a long and lustful kiss on her open mouth. He felt up her tits under her dress with one hand, and fingered her vagina with the other. Every once in a while one or the other would pause, and look around to see if anyone was nearby.

Things got hotter and hotter. Ron unzipped his pants, pushed my wife toward the grass, and mounted her. Her legs went up and jiggled back and forth as he pumped her for a good minute. They tried a couple of different positions, including Carol riding Ron on top. I know that's her favorite.

After a couple more minutes he shot his load. They were both looking around to make sure no one spotted them as they straightened their clothes. I stopped the camcorder and headed back to the picnic area to get there before Carol and Ron returned.

The rest of that day I couldn't speak or think. I could tell Carol wondered if I knew something was up. She kept saying, "Something is wrong, please tell me." I told her it was just a big headache and I'd be fine after laying down for a while.

When we got home I relaxed on the bed as Carol did some housework. I thought about what happened earlier, and the image of Ron's cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. I was surprised when I realized my cock was hard as a rock. I was still feeling jealous, but instead of anger I felt nervous curiosity. That afternoon, when Carol went out shopping, I played the tape several times, watching Carol fucking another guy. I couldn't control my hard-on, and pulled it out and beat off, timing my cum with Ron's.

I've re-watched the "Carol and Ron Show" maybe 100 times. I've never cornered Carol about it, because -- I now realize -- I want her to do it again. Her extramarital affair hasn't diminished our own sex lives, and because I've seen Ron's cock, I know he's not bigger than me. And if anything, I think I'm more attentive to her needs in bed.

I've tried a couple of times to allow the opportunity for Carol and Ron to get together so that I can secretly record them. So far the right chance hasn't come up, but I know it will. I intend to build a library of hidden videos my wife screwing other men! I never thought I'd say this, but it's an incredible turn-on that I recommend for any horny husband.

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