Wife gives the house guest a show ... and some sex

To make ends meet my wife and I recently took in a border to our three bedroom house. He's a young guy in his early 20s. Trent, our border, is quiet, a little on the geeky side. He's a clean freak, takes two showers a day, and keeps his room (and our kitchen!) spotless. So my wife Helene and I have no complaints.

At first, Helene was uncomfortable having him around. She's used to wearing only a nightgown while watching television in the living room. But with the possibility of Trent returning home, or coming out of his room at any moment, she started putting on clothes just to watch TV.

But over time, she and I got to know Trent a little better, and she started relaxing when he was around. It took a couple of months, but before long, she was back to wearing just a nightie while lounging on the living room couch. All of her nightgowns cover her, but a few a more see-through than others. She didn't seem to mind if her nipples sometimes showed through. She has one light-colored gown where you can see the outline of her bush, if the light in the room is just right.

I noticed now and then Trent's eyes glancing over to Helene. He pretended not to look. My wife is 42, and he's is all of 23. That didn't seem to matter to Trent, who seemed to appreciate my wife's dancer's legs and 36B breasts. Helene is all of 5 foot 2, slightly round but not fat. She still gets whistles now and then. It was fun seeing a bulge grow in Trent's pants as he sat watching TV with us, and every once in a while glancing over to her.

This went on for maybe a month before my wife began to actively flirt with Trent. The more liquor she had the more giddy she'd get. She used to sit on the sofa with her ankles crossed, but now on many occasions she'd lounge with her legs tucked underneath. Sometimes her gown would slip and she'd momentarily expose more skin, and maybe even some pussy hair.

Then one night, a about a week ago, I was working in the garage. Both Helene and Trent had gone to bed. Or so I thought. Around midnight I came in to use the bathroom. Most of the house was dark, the only light coming down the hall. The door to our bedroom was slightly open. Standing outside the door was Trent, who was peering in like a Peeping Tom. He was rubbing his crotch while spying on my wife!

At first I wanted to shout out, but I was transfixed. The light coming through the door was dim. I guessed Helene was on the bed reading, and Trent was enjoying the view. I wanted to see more, so I quietly went outside, and around the back yard where I hoped I could see in through the bedroom window.

I got to the window and while it was hard to make out through the gauze of the curtains, I could see Helene was not in fact reading a book, but on the bed, legs slightly open, giving her clit a good working over with a large vibrating wand! I was not aware she used the wand any time other than when we had sex, but here she was, going to town while our lodger peered in and jacked himself off!

A couple days went by and I made an excuse to work late in the garage every night. But there was no repeat of the entertainment. Several times I'd sneak back into the house, but it would be dark and quiet. I got very little work, or sleep, those days.

I was about to give up when one evening, around one in the morning, I came in and saw Trent tip-toeing out of his bedroom. Once again he stopped in front of the door to Helene's and my bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, maybe a little more than the first time, because it seemed I could see more.

I could make out Trent rubbing the front of his pants, and then open up his trousers. Out came the largest dick I'd ever seen. While he pulled on it must have grown to nine inches. He slowly stroked it with one hand, while using his other hand to balance himself against the door jamb.

Like the night before, I snuck outside to see if I could get a view of my wife. This time, when I got around to the window, I could see in more clearly because the light was brighter. I stood there as my wife played with herself, slowly and expertly. It was then I realized she knew she was being watched! She positioned her body so that Trent had a straight gaze between her thighs. She would casually open and close her legs as she methodically rubbed inside her vagina, while pressing down on her clit with the wand.

Then, in no less than a minute, I could see something startled her. She looked toward the door, which I could tell had just opened. Trent came into the room, and stood at the foot of the bed. I could just make out that he had his large cock in his hand, and his hand was moving in a slow pumping action. After a few awkward moments, my wife went back to doing her own thing, only this time a little more vigorous.

I didn't even realize I had pulled out own dick, and I was furiously jackin' it. While I didn't have a perfect view because of the curtains, I could see enough flesh color and movement to make out what was going on. When Helene came, she drew her legs together, and her whole body jerked for at least a half minute. I could see Trent had stopped masturbating, and was just standing there.

I could hear muffled voices. They were being quiet, probably thinking I was still in the garage. I could make out Trent going back to the door, and the door closing. I guessed the show was over, and I was about to leave when I saw Trent's figure returning toward the bed. Trent then stooped down, maybe to get a closer look at Helene's hot cunt? Maybe to lick it?

Then I saw the unmistakable shape of my wife's legs opening up, and her feet pointing into the air. Trent's body was completely over Helene. With her legs spread wide it was obvious he was fucking her with that massive dick. The only sound I heard was a short gasp from Helene as he first entered her tiny body.

Their loving making took just a few minutes. It was slow but sweet, with Helene periodically raising her legs high up to get all of Trent's girth and length into her. By the time they were done, I had cum maybe three times. The last time nothing spurted out. It was just a dry cum, but it was still intensely pleasurable.

After he rolled off her I took off so they wouldn't spot me. I was shaking like a leaf when I got back to the garage. It took me a good half hour to calm my breathing, and when I finally made it into the house, I quietly entered the bedroom where my wife was now sound asleep.

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I undressed, then slid between the sheets next to her. There was an earthy smell in the room. I took a deep whiff of the odor under the sheets and knew immediately it was the mixing of my wife's natural lubrication, and her new lover's thick cum.

The next day no one said a word. But that night, it was more or less a repeat. So was most evenings for the remainder of the week, where my sweet wife got more cock than she's ever had before, all the while thinking I didn't know!

Each morning, after my wife got out of bed, I inspected the sheets and saw fresh cum stains. Seeing the evidence of her masturbate-then-fuck sessions was exciting to the point where I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

If they do it again tonight - and I'm hoping they will - I'm thinking of joining them mid way through. Wish me luck!

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