Spying on my wife and her best friend from high school as they masturbate together

My wife (Monica) had a close friend from high school, Sarah. Both are now in their late 30s. When they were growing up they were close, but after Monica left home when she and I were married, the two friends drifted apart. Recently, Monica and I took a road trip and we planned to go through Alabama, where Sarah was now living. She had been married for over five years to a jerk, and when they split, she got the house.

Shortly after Monica and I were married my wife confided in me that for a time Sarah came to live with Monica's family, and the two shared the same room. Monica once caught Sarah diddling herself under the sheets. At first Sarah was embarrassed, and turned a bright apple red with embarrassment. Monica reassured her that it was okay, then got into her own bed, where she also started masturbating. After the shock wore off, Sarah went back to herself, and the girls both finished jerking themselves off.

For quite a while thereafter, Monica told me, the two frequently masturbated in the same room, while looking at magazines or reading letters in Penthouse magazine. They never touched one another, Monica insisted. It was just exciting to watch the other masturbate. Years later I brought up the subject, but Monica brushed it aside, and eventually said she had made it all up.

Monica and Sarah hadn't seen each other in over five years, but you couldn't tell that when we arrived. The two were fast friends again, just like they were when they were growing up. They chatted non-stop while I unloaded the suitcases from the car, and brought everything inside to the room Sarah had made up for us.

The house was quite modest in size, but it had a pool in the back yard, along with a pool house for entertaining. I would have preferred to stay in the pool house, but it wasn't air conditioned. Summers in Alabama are hot and muggy, so Monica and I opted for a room inside where we could enjoy the central air conditioning.

I have no idea when Monica and Sarah went to bed that night. When I fell asleep at 11:30 Monica hadn't come in yet, and when I woke up at 2:00 she was snuggled up under the covers. The next morning the girls wanted to go shopping, and I took off to visit some of the military surplus shops in town that I looked up on the Internet.

When I returned home I let myself in, and went down the hall to the guest room. Just then Monica and Sarah came out of Sarah's bedroom, giggling about something. Both were wearing their swimsuits, and their hair was still wet. They seemed surprised to see me. They continued their teenage giggling and headed back out to the pool. Sarah and Monica are physically similar -- about 5'7", reddish hair, and some freckles. Sarah's tits are a big bigger than my wife's, but I thought Monica had a nicer shaped ass.

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When I got out outside the girls were floating on inflated pool chairs. The water was cold compared to the hot, muggy air, and I could see the girls' nipples had gotten hard. Monica noticed me looking at Sarah's titties, and gave me a look of disapproval. I shrugged, dived in, and cooled myself off.

That evening the girls wanted to chat again, and I excused myself to watch some TV in the guest room. Nothing was on, so I decided to take another dip in the pool. The lights in the pool were turned off, and it was eerily dark outside, with no moon. While I was quietly floating in the pool I could see into Sarah's bedroom from the backyard. The view wasn't perfect, but I could see Sarah and Monica sitting on the bed going through old yearbooks.

I then remembered the story Monica told me years before about how she and her best friend from school would masturbate together, and I wondered if there was any truth in it. I decided to check it out. I toweled off, went back inside, and announced I was going to bed. Instead, I grabbed the binoculars from our suitcase, and snuck out to the backyard, and into the pool house, where I'd have a much better view.

For the next two hours nothing happened, apart from the ladies finishing off more almost two bottles of wine. I could see they were both very tipsy. I couldn't hear what they were saying because the bedroom window was closed to keep in the air conditioning. The two girlfriends flipped through all their yearbooks and scrapbooks, reminiscing about the old days. Sarah pulled out some old diaries she had kept, and they both laughed as they read entries from it.

The air in the pool house was stifling, and I was just about to call it quits when Monica got off the bed, and went to the bedroom door. She stood there for a few moments, looking down the hall toward the guest room. She must have been checking whether I was asleep. She then closed and locked the door, while Sarah reached into her closet and pulled out a stack of what looked like magazines. Through the binoculars I could see they were porn mags of men and women sucking and fucking. Monica grabbed a couple of the magazines, then settled onto the bed next to Sarah. Sarah was on her back, and Monica lay on her tummy.

Before long, each girl started touching themselves while they read. I could barely see Monica's reach under her as she rubbed her pussy, but I had a clearer shot of Sarah working her clit through her clothes. After a couple of minutes Sarah removed her jeans, leaving just her white panties. When Monica looked back and saw this, she too took off her shorts, revealing a little purple thong underneath.

For over 10 minutes Sarah and my wife casually rubbed themselves while flipping through their magazines. At one point Sarah reached into her bed side table and pulled out a small vibrator. She turned it on, and pressed it against her clit. Monica rolled over onto her back, putting her magazine down, preferring instead to play with herself while watching her friend. Sarah alternated the vibrator between pressing it against her clit, and inserting it between the elastic of her panties and up her pussy. With the vibrator in her cunt Sarah feverously rubbed her little button, first slow, then fast, then slow again.

My wife positioned herself opposite Sarah on the bed, so the two could face each other. Obviously this is something that they've done before, and I knew the story Monica had told me about she and her friend masturbating in front of one another was in fact true. As my wife lie on the bed, Monica pulled her thong aside, and stuck two fingers into her married vagina, while keeping the rubbing action steady on her clitoris. The two girls had different masturbating styles. Sarah preferred quick jabs followed by slow circular motions, and Monica liked a steady rotating motion over her clitty. Both had already climaxed several times already.

From time to time Monica pulled her fingers out of her twat and sniffed at them. This is something I had never seen her do before, and it surprised the hell out of me. She'd then plunge her fingers back into her cunt, which by now was dripping with her juices. Seeing both of these ladies pleasuring themselves in front of one another was more than I could bear. I took my cock out and started yanking on it. Within a minute I was spurting cum over the window and carpet of the pool house. As my cock was growing limp Monica finished, but Sarah was having some trouble with her last come.

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As Sarah stared at my wife's crotch, Monica slipped her thongs completely off, and sat on the bed cross-legged. She leaned back and with one hand pulled her pink pussy lips far apart, showing her swollen clit to her old friend. My wife's hole was gaping wide open with all the action. Sarah's moved her fingers over her clit so fast I was sure she'd start a fire! With both hands my wife spread her pussy as far as it would go, showing deep insider her. Sarah finally tipped her head, arched her back off the bed, had her last and biggest orgasm. My wife Monica leaned back and rested on her elbows. Her very satisfied pussy was still wide open, and I could see her juices on the inside of her thighs.

Seeing this my cock got hard once more, but I was drained and I couldn't cum again. I got a towel, cleaned up my mess, and headed back inside. I snuck into the guest room just as Monica was coming to bed. She was in a playful mood, and I knew she wanted sex. Still remembering Monica and Sarah masturbating while looking at each other, my cock sprang back to attention. I rolled over onto Monica and my dick easily slid in. My wife's pussy was so engorged I could hardly feel the walls, but I pretended not to notice.

There was no way I was going to cum again, so I faked it. Monica's box was so dripping wet already I didn't think she'd notice that I hadn't actually ejaculated in her. We kissed for a few minutes, then I rolled off. Within minutes she was sound asleep, but I still had the vision of two gorgeous women entertaining each other while rubbing their clitties.

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