Coworker spots his friend's wife privately
diddling herself during her lunch hour

This isn't about my wife (I'm divorced), but about the wife of my best friend. I helped my friend's wife, who's name is Monique, get a job at my work. Monique is a little plump, but not fat. She's the freckled type, with a light skin color. She can never take a tan without getting a sunburn. I'd guess her age at about 40 or so. Because of her job meeting customers she has to dress in business suits. She always takes the time to look her best, and she's actually quite an attractive, classy lady. She's not my type, though, and I have to say that until recently I have never given her much thought in a sexual way.

Monique never goes out to eat, saying she's on a diet. Rather than eat in her office, she goes down to the parking garage where she sits in her car and eats her home-packed lunch while listening to one book-on-tape or another. She's done the same thing for maybe two years.

We work in a five-story building, and many of us have reserved parking in the underground parking garage. Monique parks in a stall to one corner, away from the elevators, and always backs in. I figured she did it so that she didn't have to back out at quitting time. She could just put her car in Drive, and be on her way.

One day while walking to my van I noticed I could see Monique's car through a gap between the floors of the parking garage. Another car was parked at the spot, but I saw the spots there weren't reserved. I don't know why, but I got the immediate idea of watching what Monique did when she was alone sitting in her car during lunch. Something told me it would be worth my while.

The next day I got in early so I could park near the gap. As luck would have it, the parking space near the gap in the floor was empty, so I took it. I also backed the car into the stall, which allowed me to sit inside and look down through the gap. Monique was not yet in, but I knew she would be arriving soon.

All morning I got to wondering if I was wasting my time. Why should I spend my lunch hour spying on the middle-aged wife of my best friend while she sits in her car eating her lunch! Still, I had nothing else better to do that day, so I decided to go ahead with it anyway. Noon time came, and Monique got her lunch from the office refrigerator. She said goodbye to the receptionist, and headed down the elevator. I left a few minutes later, and quietly went to my van. I rolled down the window, and saw Monique through the passenger side of her car. It was a fairly good view.

The first 25 minutes were uneventful. I was just about to call it quits and leave when I saw Monique finishing up her lunch and put the trash away. Then, she looked around a bit, and got something out a fanfold envelope that was under her seat. She started leafing through it, and pulled out a small magazine. I couldn't make out the name, but it was pretty clear it was some kind of sex magazine, with pictures and a lot of text. It looked like Penthouse Forum magazine, or one like it.

Monique started flipping through it, every once in a while glancing out of her car. After a few moments she found an article that interested her, and she began to read it. Then in seconds I saw her hand reach down to her dress and she hiked it up so she could get underneath. She then made quick flicking motions with her wrist, and I knew she was masturbating while reading her magazine!

Once every 15-20 seconds she'd glance around to make sure no one was looking. But from where she parked, no one would, because she was in a corner of the garage that wasn't very busy. Every few minutes a car would go by, and usually she's just slow down her hand movements rather than stop completely. Otherwise she completely ignored the cars that passed in front of her.

After a couple minutes she must have gotten tired of that story, and stopped masturbating. She flipped the pages, looking for something more interesting. She eventually found it, this time carefully peeling her white cotton panties down to around her ankles. With the hemline of her dress right around her crotch level, I could make out a redhead's pubic area. She was wearing dark colored thigh-high stockings, which contrasted with her pale white skin. I found it surprisingly arousing.

She started flicking at her clitoris again, and I could see that sometimes she'd pause in order to put one or two finger inside her vagina. She's work them in and out quickly, being careful not to scratch her delicate insides with her long fingernails. She continued this for maybe five minutes, when I noticed her body getting stiff as she was about to orgasm. She held on for as long as she could, then finally winced as she went over the edge. While she came she shook at her clit with her fingers, rubbing it hard in short, quick jabs.

Within a few seconds she was completely done. She pulled her panties back on, and stashed the magazine into its folder. She got out some moist towelettes from the glove compartment, and cleaned off her sticky fingers. She even got some perfume out of her purse, and sprayed it up her dress! With that, Monique got out of the car, and walked back to the elevator to return to work.

Since then, and for at least three months, I have watched Monique play with herself on an almost daily basis. I've even had my regular parking space moved so that my special vantage point is reserved for me alone. The routine is usually the same, though occasionally she'll pull out a small gold-colored vibrator from her purse, and use that on her clit. After she has climaxed, she'll insert the vibrator into her vagina, and let it remain there for a several minutes.

On a few occasions I've seen her squeeze her clitoris very hard, rather than rub it to orgasm. She squeezes and releases it over and over again until she has what appears to be a very powerful climax. I must admit that a couple of times I've taken out my penis and rubbed it while watching her. First, there's something about spying on a woman pleasure herself when she thinks no one is watching. And second, it's a turn on to know I'm seeing my best friend's wife masturbate, and that I know what his wife's most private parts look like. It's a clear enough view that I've been able to make out the outer lips of her vagina, but I'm not close enough to catch a glimpse of what must be a very large and ripe clitoris.

I've also enjoyed watching her when she returns to work. She often greets customers and shakes their hand. I wonder if any of them have any clue that the same hand was used to rub a clitoris just moments before?!

I haven't told my friend what his wife does during her lunch hour, and I doubt I ever will. If it got back to her, she'd be embarrassed, and would probably quit. I'm enjoying my new-found pastime of voyeuring my best friend's wife during her most private moments, and only regret not having started it sooner. The really strange thing about all this is that I really really want her now. I spend the afternoons in my office looking at her, and figuring out ways to seduce her. She's still the same woman and she looks the same, but there's something about her now that really turns me on.

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