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She Spies on Her Female Room Mate Masturbating

This may sound strange. I am a woman who dates only guys, but I love to watch other women masturbate! I've never been intimate with another female, but what really gets me going is to spy on a girl as she masturbates and has an orgasm!

I'm 24, single, and share a two bedroom apartment with another gal. We get along, but like in any room mate situation we get bitchy from time to time. Friendly but not close friends. She has a couple of boyfriends that she sees on a regular basis. I'm currently in-between beaus.

I grew up with two older sisters. They would sometimes masturbate after the lights were out.

My oldest sister, who lived at home until she was 20, masturbated every night she had a date. I'd always try to stay up to watch. She'd come home from her date, go to bed, and then rub her clit very quietly for the next 20 minutes. I could come three times in the same period, though my orgasms weren't as strong.

My first year away at college I had a room mate that masturbated a lot. She was plain, with a bad complexion. But her body was perfect!

She had the bed nearest to the window, so I could see the shape of her outline as she diddled under the covers. I'd pretend to be asleep, and would even snore a little to get her to loosen up. She had a habit of finishing herself by rubbing very hard and fast, then after climaxing sticking her fingers into her mouth to taste the juices!

So that's how I started as a voyeur of female masturbation. I've watched from halls and doorways. During the summer it gets hot and we don't have air conditioning. We leave our bedroom doors open at night so the air will circulate.

A couple of times I've watched my roomie through a crack in the door. Her jeans were unzipped and she had her hand down her pants. She'd flick, then stop, and flick some more. As I stood there I reached down and touched myself, feeling how wet I was.

After maybe 15 minutes of teasing her clitoris, she peeled her pants down to her thighs. I could see her completely shaved pussy. Her kitty was gorgeous, all smooth, with everything neatly tucked inside a slender slit - except for her pink clitoris, which poked out near the top the more she rubbed it. I admit that right then and there I wanted to suck on it.

My room mate was just getting going when I felt my first orgasm wash through me. I held one hand over my mouth to muffle any sounds that might come out, and kept the other hand down my shorts.

Her jeans were too restrictive, so she took them off. As she raised her legs up, I could see the rest of her slit, all the way to the crack of her round ass. Seeping out of her vagina was glistening girl cum.

Now free of the jeans, my room mate spread her legs, but kept both flat on the bed. She put three fingers of her left hand into her tight hole, and used her thumb and index finger to directly tweak her clitoris. I can't handle that much direct stimulation, but it was just the right thing for her. She had a quick succession of three or four orgasms, and then she brought her knees together for a final big push.

I lost count how many times I climaxed, but it must have been a half dozen. As I was about to leave, I saw my room mate pull her fingers out of her cunt, then smell them. I went back into my room, closed the door, and had one last cum, doing the same as she had.

When I was done, I pulled my fingers out of my very wet and sticky pussy and licked them clean. The cream from inside me tasted musky and raw, and looked like watered-down milk. I try to catch my roomie masturbating whenever I can. Can you blame me?