Watching wife masturbate - hidden female masturbation

Wife Masturbates Every Day Before Getting Up

I used to be worried about my wife's masturbating habit, but now I find it an incredible turn on.

She is one of those women who needs to get off on a daily basis. And I do mean daily. We have sex regularly - often 3-4 times a week - but she never comes when we're fucking. Shesays she can't get off that way. My wife screws herself with a toy after I'm done and has a quick come before we both fall asleep.

I thought her orgasms after lovemaking were the extent of it. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realized just how often she masturbated.

I interrupted her a couple of times when she thought I had left for work. I have to get to work by 7am, and she sleeps in an hour longer. She was very obviously diddling herself under the covers, but I pretended not to notice, and mumbled something about forgetting my keys.

Not long ago I discovered she was locking the bedroom door after I left for work. I guess she got embarrassed and didn't want to risk getting caught. Curiosity got the better of me. I had to find out what she was doing behind that closed door!

I bought one of those wireless spy cameras hidden in an air purifier. I set it on the dresser opposite the bed, and connected the receiver to our old VCR. Each morning I put the deck into record. It caught the next two hours as my wife slept until she had to get up.

Almost every day, with few exceptions, my wife would sleep for about a half-hour after I left. She'd then stir, get up, lock the door, then settle back on the bed. She'd pull out one or two of the toys she kept in her night stand.

She'd usually begin by massaging her breasts and nipples over her nightgown. Soon, she'd inch the nightie up over her hips, exposing her bare pussy. With one hand she'd finger herself for several minutes while using the other hand to hold her toy, alternately applying and releasing pressure to her clit.

My wife is not very vocal when we make love, but she makes all sorts of gasps, moans, and cries when she's masturbating in private. When the mood strikes her, she'll pull out a fairly hefty rubber dildo that must be at least 9 inches in length (I'm average at about 5 1/2 inches).

She's already very wet from the rubbing she's been doing, and the rubber dildo easily slips in. To get it in really deep she'll usually spread her legs real wide. As she works up to her orgasm her legs will be bent at the knees, but when she cums she'll point her feet straight up and out, and frantically jerk the cock in her until she almost passes out!

After she's had her orgasm she'll slump on the bed for five or ten minutes, slowly working her fingers around her clit to calm it down. Occasionally she'll have two orgasms, but usually one is enough to last the whole day.

I admit I still get jealous watching my wife masturbate, but I remind myself that I do it too, and it's not because I don't love her, or because I'm not satisfied. It's just extra relief. It's sexy as hell watching my wife take that huge cock into her tight pussy, and listening to her fuck her imaginary lover!