Wife lets her husband "secretly" watch her masturbate

I am a 44 year old woman, and mother of one son, who is currently serving his country in the military. I al also one of those women who likes - no, make that loves - to masturbate.

And yes, before you ask I also like sex. But masturbating is a special favorite because I know best what my body likes. I can also take my time ... or hurry it up, depending on my mood. My husband of 20 years is a good lover, but my Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket is even better!

I first started masturbating when I was in about fifth or sixth grade. I used to lay on my bed, tummy down, and rub myself into a pillow or stuffed animal. I didn't know what I was doing, or why it felt good. I got so hooked on it I often did it three or four times a day.

I don't think I had a real orgasm for another year until I was at a friend's house. She asked me if I ever "petted" myself, and at first I didn't understand what she was talking about. She showed me what she meant by laying back (she was fully clothed), and moving her fingers in a circular motion over her pubic bone. I turned bright red with embarrassment, and even gave out a little scream. She quickly apologized, and the rest of the evening was weird.

After we had gone to bed and we said goodnight to one another, I could see her touching herself in the moonlight. I'm pretty sure she know I could see her. I tried it myself, and it felt much, much better than rubbing against blankets. I kept looking at her and doing the same thing. I began to rub harder and harder. My whole mid-section started getting hot, and I could feel a tingling sensation going down my legs. Then suddenly my whole crotch was pulsating, sending waves of what felt like electricity through my arms and legs. This was my very first orgasm!

Since then I must have made myself come thousands of times. I've used my fingers, empty wine bottles, all sorts of adult toys, and even vegetables. My favorite veggie is a big, fat (and I mean FAT!) cucumber that's been wrapped in aluminum foil and left in the refrigerator to get cold. When I masturbate, I peel off the foil, and stick it far inside me. The cold makes my entire vaginal area cold, and actually puts my clitoris to sleep. When I orgasm it's like fireworks going off. My pussy muscles tense so much the cucumber shoots out at high speed -- like a rocket taking off!

Since I found your site I've gotten the idea to let my husband "catch" me as I masturbate. On the weekends, when we're both not working, I'll make an excuse to stay in bed a little while longer. I'll tease him into getting us some donuts or coffee at the nearby Starbucks. The first time he caught me it completely unnerved him! He was shocked and embarrassed and pretended not to know what I was doing.

But the next time, he snuck into the house to see if I was at it again. As he stood in the darkness of the hallway outside the bedroom, I could hear the rustling of his clothes and his breathing. I knew he was pulling on his peter while watching me. I had one Cyberskin vibrator firmly implanted in my pussy, and a small vibrating egg pressed against my clit. I kept my eyes closed and my head turned away from the doorway, so he wouldn't worry about me seeing him.

When I was sure he was far enough long in jacking himself off, I let myself come. I whimpered a little as I hit my orgasm, then slumped into the bed. After a minute, I gathered up the toys, put them away, and went to the bathroom to clean up. While I was washing my husband made sounds like he was just coming into the front door.

Since then I've let my husband witness me pleasure myself at night after the lights are out, in the spa, and a couple times in the living room, looking at a porno on the TV. It always makes me come really hard knowing that he's watching me, stroking his slender cock as he sees me float away in bliss.

My latest fantasy is having one of my husband's friends see me play with myself. I'm not interested in sex with anyone, just letting him see me masturbate. After he's done I'd like to feel the wet spot where he beat off, knowing he jizzed while watching me, and that he liked what he saw. I have the courage for it, I just have to figure out the best way to do it! I'll be sure to write again when it happens!

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