His new hobby is watching his wife masturbate

I only recently discovered the joys of being a voyeur. For the past three months I've made a new hobby out of watching my wife pleasure herself. She doesn't know I'm watching, and in fact she'd be mortified if she knew I watched her!

My wife and I have been married about three years. We're both older, with adult-age kids that don't live with us. About a year ago I injured myself on the job, and now wear a back brace 24 hours a day. I'm still able to go to work, but they've re-assigned me to the proverbial desk job.

Things didn't go as smoothly at home. It's hard for me to make love to my wife without my back locking into a spasm. We try to have sex once a week, and it usually ends up with her riding me slowly, or sucking me off. The activity is not enough stimulation for her, and I know she's not being satisfied.

I have tried to masturbate her so that she'll have an orgasm, but it's difficult to get everything right. She's too embarrassed to masturbate in front of me.

What I have discovered is that she is getting herself off at other times of the day, usually when I'm at work, or when I'm puttering out in the garage - I make small wooden trinkets of a wood lathe and sell them at the local craft fairs for extra income.

I sort of suspected she might be helping herself because she wasn't having any orgasms with me, and she's always been a sexual person. I discovered it for the first time when she woke me up late at night, with the bed shaking from her hand motions!

I don't mind telling you it excited the hell out of me to know my wife was taking care of herself. I can't explain it, but I found something irresistible about knowing she was locked in the bedroom, frigging herself off, while I was at work or out running some errands.

Just knowing my wife is there masturbating isn't enough - I wanted to see it, too! Trouble is, she always does it in the bedroom, and she always locks the door to keep anyone from coming in. She explains she's just nervous being in the house by herself, and has asked me to knock and announce myself if the door is closed.

I was looking around for a way to peek into the bedroom when I saw some holes high up on the wall in the bedroom. They were from some shelves that used to be there. The room is paneled with old pine, and the holes aren't even noticeable unless you're looking at them. The wall with the holes is shared with the garage. So I simply enlarged one of the holes, punched it all the way through into the garage, and made myself an opening for peeping!

What I do is tell my wife I'm going to be out in the garage for the next few hours. Most of the time nothing happens. But every once in a while, she'll take the bait, and get herself ready for one of her solo masturbation sessions. She'll lock the door, get almost completely undressed, and pull out a variety of toys she has hidden behind a drawer.

While peering into the bedroom through my peep hole, I can see my wife try different vibrators and dildos. She usually sticks one in, pumps it in and out a bit, while applying a vibrator directly to her tender clitoris.

About half the time my wife masturbates with the lights out, as she is going to bed. There isn't enough light in the bedroom for me to see what's going on. I thought about suggesting that we set up a nightlight, but she might see through that ploy.

So instead I sent away for a starlight scope, a device intended for outdoor sportsmen so they can see outside at night. It has a 2.5X zoom, and actually amplifies whatever light is available - in the case of the bedroom, whatever light is coming into the bedroom through the window, or even from the glow of the digital clock.

The image has a greenish cast to it, but as long as there is at least some light, it'll pick up everything. The zoom lets me get a little closer to the action. I can clearly see my wife stuffing her big artificial cocks into her pussy as she works her clitty with her fingers or another toy. I love watching the look on her face when she reaches orgasm. Her eyes are screwed shut and I can see her panting.

After watching her give pleasure to herself I always want to rush in and fuck the hell out of her! I've gone in a few times, horny as ever, and enjoyed the wetness she's given herself. She's never explained why she's wetter than usual, and I know enough not to ask. I slide in easily, and she rides me until I blast my jism deep into her.

My next plan is to install one or two cameras in the bedroom, so that I can watch via video link! That will enable me to record the times my wife masturbates, so that I can re-watch the scene over and over again.