Husband and wife agree on a hot wife relationship, and he gets cuckolded in the bargain

My wife cuckolds me. And, I'm amazed to say, I've learned to enjoy the lifestyle! It all started when we decided to post a profile on an adult dating site. For months my wife Mari and I talked about finding another guy for her to go out with. I'd watch, or she'd tell me about it later. After a lot of discussions she finally said yes.

I took some sexy pictures of Mari that didn't show her face. I spent several hours writing a suggestive (but not X-rated) profile that spelled out exactly what we were looking for. The profile said she was married, and that we were seeking a single guy, preferably in his mid to late 20's (we are in our late 30s). I'd be there only to watch.

Not 15 minutes after posting the profile we got several "winks" and two text messages from interested guys. By the next day we had well over 20 replies from local gents who wanted to take us up on our offer to be a "friend with benefits" with Mari! The response was incredible.

We narrowed down the group to three guys that looked the most promising. For Mari's first outing we settled on a Marine from the local military base. His name was Hank. He was in this early 20s, very muscular, and self-assured. The plan was for Mari and Hank to meet privately for dinner, where they'd get to know each other. If all worked out she'd bring him back home, where I'd be waiting for them.

That night after dinner she texted me to let me know she and Hank were headed to our house. My heart was literally pounding through my chest! She wrote that they had already played with each other while in the dark parking lot of the restaurant. She said she sucked on his cock for a few minutes before some people wandering by and peered into the car. She added: "He's much bigger than you!"

When they got home I made some drinks and we set up in the living room. Hank didn't waste any time and started some heavy petting with my wife while I watched. My penis was getting hard, but I didn't want to start stroking until they got undressed.

In minutes Hank had Mari on the floor in front of the couch. His hand was up her skirt, feeling her sweet pussy under her frilly panties. She groped at the zipper of his pants so that she could fondle his cock. She was getting frustrated, so Hank stopped for a moment, pulled his pants down, freeing his cock. She grabbed it like it was the pull handle to a parachute, and Hank returned to necking with my wife.

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Mari was right - his cock was big! I suddenly got very jealous. My cock is about 6", and somewhat thin. His was at least 9", and maybe 2" across. Mari went crazy for Hank's throbbing and very hard manhood. She sucked on it but could only get in the tip, so she just licked up and down the shaft, as if it were a piece of candy!

Hank picked Mari up and laid her on the couch. He finished undressing her - but kept her pantyhose on! - and then lowered himself over her. I knew he was going to enter her right then and there! My cock was pressing against my trousers, aching to get out. Hank easily slipped his bare and powerful shaft into my wife, and she gasped with pleasure.

Her eyes rolled up into her head, and it looked like she was about to pass out.

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