He Watches Through a Window As a Pretty School Mate Rubs One Out!

The first time I watched a girl masturbate was when I was in high school. It was a senior girl I knew from school. Her name was Lisa. Lisa was pretty, popular, and all the guys liked her. She was known as "Miss Goodie Two Shoes." Didn't smoke or drink, and got mad when people cussed. It was a big joke in school that she hated the word "fuck." But I knew another side no one else knew: she was addicted to playing with herself! I watched her jerk herself off several times a week.

We lived in an apartment complex made up of separate small buildings. There was an empty dirt lot between ours and the next one. My place was on the third floor, and Lisa lived on the second floor, directly across form my bedroom.

My window was far enough away she never knew I existed. But with good binoculars I could see right into her bedroom. Lisa's window had older blinds that didn't close all the way, and she wasn't aware that when her bedroom lights were on at night someone in my vantage point could look right in.

The first night I noticed her I saw a shape moving around behind the blinds. I dug out the binoculars and focused in. Lisa had just gotten out of the shower and wore a towel around her body, covering her breasts, and just barely to below her pussy and ass.

She was dancing to some music and blow drying her hair. Every once in a while, I could see a little bit of fur, or a butt cheek, but nothing more.

The next night I had my binoculars ready. For an hour she messed around in her room, talking on the phone, trying different makeup, and modeling some outfits. She was wearing panties but no bra. Her tits were on the small side but had a good firm shape, with little pink nipples.

I jacked off watching her and eventually she went into another room. I didn't see her for several hours. I kept my eyes on her window, making sure no one could see me peeking out. It was late when Lisa returned, already wearing pajamas. She flicked on her TV and got into bed.

It was pretty dark, with the light of just one lamp and the TV, but I could see something moving under the covers. Before long it became obvious what it was. I could tell Lisa was beating off while watching something on TV.

My cock went instantly hard, and I took it out for some stroking. I came in less than a minute as I watched this sweet choir girl bang her clit until she arched her back and had a shuddering orgasm.

For several months I kept an eye on Lisa's window. She'd masturbate anywhere from once or twice a week, to once every day - even on Sunday after she came back from church. As the weather got warmer, she'd lie on the top of the bed in shorts. After getting herself aroused, she'd put her hands down her shorts or up the pant leg, and rub her clitoris in quick, jabbing motions.

Lisa always masturbated on her back. Sometimes she'd prop one or both feet on the wall, spread them apart, and rub hard for several minutes while pushing up her hips as far as they'd go. I always loved those sessions because she'd tip her head back and I could see see the look of ecstacy on her face.

She had one toy, a rubber dildo that she kept under her mattress. She used it about every other time she whacked off. The thing was HUGE and Lisa was all of about 5'3" with a small body. She liked to slowly pump it in and out of her tight hole as she rubbed her clitoris with her fingers.

That summer Lisa graduated and her family moved. The new tenants didn't have a horny daughter that jacked off her clitty, so my fun ended. That's life. But I'll never forget Lisa, the sweet, all-American virgin that loved big rubber cocks in her pussy and fast fingers over her clit!

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