Cuckold stories

Maybe you are new to the swinging lifestyle and have seen the word cuckold, palyamory, or cuckoldry on some profiles/personals and want to find out more or maybe you want to find out exactly what does happen as you are interested in the whole idea of cuckold sex?

While the basics of cuckoldry for the purposes of a swinging genre is a very simple one – a couple (cuckold husband & hotwife/cuckoldress) invite a single guy (bull) to their home for a threesome of sorts, where basically the bull has sexual play and full intercourse with the wife in front of the husband. Many of the bulls will be chosen because they are younger than the couple and in a lot of instances they will be very well endowed, especially if the cuckold session is to humiliate the husband.

Of course there are many different additional scenarios that can be played out incorporating and expanding on the basic premise of cuckoldry and the stories that you will find on our contacts site will take you deeper into the world of cuckold sex. The stories are written by our swinging members, some of which are more like a journal of their own cuckold swinging experiences which will give you a proper insight into the lifestyle, while others are pure fiction just to give others some erotica to get them hot and horny!

By reading either type of story though you will learn more about the types of cuckold sessions and will also encompass other sexual fetishes such as masochism, bukkake, S&M games, voyeurism, exhibitionism, humiliation, dominance and submission. You can also learn about the possible pitfalls as well as other emotional states such as jealousy which can raise its ugly head, but the more you read the better prepared you will be for them coming along if you decide to try it yourselves.

Of course there are other variations to the MMF cuckold threesome and you can read stories about lesbian or gay cuckoldry, games involving crossdressers/transvestites and some of the erotic fiction stories can be quite extreme.

We do like our cuckold swinger members to tell us their stories as not only does it give others something to read and learn from but it can also help to attract new sex contacts to your own profile and you can then make up new scenarios to try out and then write a story of for another addition to your story blog!

- Contributed by UK Cuckolds

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