Yes, your wife will masturbate in the bathroom!

For women the safest place to masturbate is in the bathroom, while sitting on the toilet, or while taking a bath or shower.

Bathrooms are safe havens for girls afraid of getting caught. After all, they were taught that touching themselves was bad - and besides, if they're in a relationship, then they shouldn't have to polish their own pearls, right?

Wrong. Fact is, everyone needs an extra orgasm here and there, and the act of self-love is the quickest, fastest, safest way to get it. That goes for you, and it goes for your wife or girlfriend, even if she says she never masturbates. She doesn't know you want her to jack off!

Follow gthese simple rules if some day you'd like to watch your wife as she secretly masturbates.

Give her the time she needs

Women won't play with themselves when they think they'll get caught, or when they feel rushed. Since a locked bathroom door offers the best privacy in the house, make sure she can feel safe by checking the lock on the bathroom door. Repair the lock if it doesn't work, or add a lockable handle if the door doesn't already have one. (Be sure to get the kind made for bathroom doors. These can still be opened from the outside in an emergency.)

If you have more than one bathroom in the house, have your wife or girlfriend use the master bath, and encourage others to use another bathroom. This increases her sense of security and privacy.

If on the other hand you have just one bathroom, work up a sharing system that allows your wife uninterrupted use during those times of the day when she's most likely to want to masturbate. Early in the morning, as everyone is getting up, is not the best time to crank one out. But late in the evening before bed is, so be sure she has extra time then.

Make sure she has toys

Guys can get off with just the palms of their hands, but the ladies often like a little bit of help, in the form of sex toys.

If she doesn't already own some, be sure she has an assortment of battery and nonbattery powered aids to choose from.

It's always best if your gal can select her own toys, but don't be afraid of getting her one now and then as special presents.

(Hint: some women are put off by the suggestion that they masturbate in secret. So rather than suggest they're for her use when she's alone, say they're for the two of you during your lovemaking. If she likes the toy she'll use it in private, too.)

Two kinds of sex toys stand out for bathroom use:

Battery operated vibrators should be waterproof or at least splash resistant. That way she can use them while taking a bath.

Rubber dildos with a suction cup end let her stick it up against the shower wall. She can then back into it, doggy style. All she has to do is bend over, and slip it in from the rear. This leave both hands to diddle herself as she rocks back and forth on the dildo, sliding it in and out of her wet cunt. She'll love it!

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Install a vibrating water massaging shower head

There's nothing like a jet of warm water against a clitoris to make a girl feel alive. Instead of a sex toy, your lady might prefer to masturbate using a massaging shower head, preferably one that is hand-held. These come away from the wall, where your horny woman can use it against her most private of parts.

Massaging shower heads aren't terribly expensive, and they install with only basic tools. Be sure to get one with a flexible water hose that's at least 5 feet long. The ones without the water hose aren't as good for female masturbation while taking a shower or bath.

To install, start by removing the old shower head fixture. Then, following the instructions packaged with the vibrating head, install the new one using plumber's putty or sealing tape to ensure against leaks. Don't over-tighten, especially if the shower head uses plastic parts.

The massager can be used while your wife or girlfriend is taking a shower or bath - her choice. In the case of a bath, for example, she can lie back in the tub, point the water at her crotch, and go to town. She'll be cumming in no time at all!

Remember: masturbation is habit forming

The more your special lady masturbates, the more often she'll do it, and the greater the chance of your being able to watch her. She'll want to play with herself in other settings of the house, giving you more opportunity for friendly spying.

Start with the occasional glimpse through the door of your bedroom or bath. If she wanks off in the bedroom at night, find ways to position yourself outside (but hidden from view from the neighbors), looking in through the blinds. Be sure to bring your camcorder so you can watch the sweet scene over and over again - and of course, jack off each time you watch it!

Try the peeking-around-the-doorway trick if your wife takes to watching porn on the living room TV when she thinks everyone has gone to bed. Or hide yourself away in the walkin closet if she likes to stroke her pink nugget while laying back on the mattress.

Soon you'll discover there's no greater thrill than to witness your wife or girlfriend take her sexuality into her own hands!

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