How to secretly watch your hotwife having
sex with another man!

You've thought about it for months - maybe even years.

For whatever inexplicable reason, you really - and I mean REALLY! - want to watch as your wife or girlfriend strips off all her clothes and does the horizontal mambo with another guy.

To add to the thrill, you'd like to spy on her while she's committing this adultery. Maybe hide yourself in the closet. Or perhaps set up a hidden camera somewhere, and then when your wife is done and satisfied and asleep, you masturbate as you watch the video late at night. (Believe me, you'll watch the thing over and over and over and...!)

Don't worry - you're not a weirdo! Fact is, many of us have a desire to see our wives or girlfriends sprawled out on the bed or couch, getting nailed by another man's hard cock slamming way up inside her.

Scenario 1: You Catch Her Having an Affair

Some husbands and boyfriends suspect their woman is seeing another man on the side. Yet instead of flying off in a jealous rage, we feel a tinge of curiosity to actually see what she's up to.

You might even have proof - used condoms or her diaphragm missing from its box on days the two of you didn't have sex. Still, you yearn to actually watch her, and hear her. Does she orgasm the same way when she's with someone else? Do new positions? Suck him off to completion?

Things are much easier if she's fucking at the house you share with her. You can set up a hidden "nanny cam" in the bedroom, and have it record to a long-play VCR or PVR. Do a Web search for cameras and recorders and you'll find plenty to choose from. If you can afford it, get one that records in color, and with sound.

If your wife is carrying on her affair somewhere else - his apartment, or maybe a motel room - spying on her is much more difficult ... if not also a lot more dangerous.

You definitely don't want to be peeking into someone else's windows at 11 o'clock at night. There are stiff criminal fines against this sort of thing, so get it out of your head right now.

Better for you to be creative and think of ways for your wife to meet her boyfriend at your house. One idea: pretend her car is having engine trouble. If she's stuck at home, maybe her boyfriend will come over, instead of her meeting him some place else.

Or fake a business trip. If you're out of the house, especially at night, she might risk "entertaining" at home. Of course, you're staying on the sly at your pal's apartment. Park your car around the corner, and tip-toe to the back yard so you can peer through the bedroom window.


Scenario 2: You Encourage Her to "Date," Then Sneak Peeks

Watching your wife fuck around is soooo much easier if she's not trying to hide it from you. In an open relationship, the wife or girlfriend is allowed to have sex with other partners. In the most common hotwife arrangement, she goes out on dates, and tells the husband the juicy details when she returns.

You may be forced into spying if you'd like to watch, but your wife (or her boyfriend) will not allow you to be there during their sex.

This is fairly common when the wife is cuckolding the husband.

As before, it's far better, safer, and easier to do your sleuthing when she's in your house.

Make it easier for her to invite her boyfriend over during those times you're not at home.

Carefully plan out ways to be out when your wife is with her boyfriend. Tell you're going bowling with your office pals, when instead you're sneaking around to the back of the house so you can watch it all through the bedroom window. Or sign up for some evening classes at the local community college. Or any of a number of excuses where she won't worry that you'll come home early.


Scenario 3: She Willingly Allows You to Spy On Her

This is by far the most fun ways to enjoy your wife's (or girlfriend's) extra flings.

Rather than crouch outside in the cold night air, hoping to catch a glimpse of your wife's vagina getting filled by another man's penis, the two of you set up secret ways for you to watch her.

Her boyfriend is not aware you're hiding away. It's a secret between you and your wife!

A common hiding place is the closet in your bedroom. This works as long as the closet is large enough, and you take along a chair. You may be in there for a long time, and you don't want to be falling over because of leg cramps!

A walk-in closet is the best. But if you don't have one, peering in from the hallway through a partly opened door works just as well. Even better, because you'll have the ability to beat a hasty retreat should your wife's fuck buddy suspects something is up. And of course, you'll be able to fetch a cold beer from the fridge between suck-'n-fuck sessions 2 and 3!

Outside, through a window, is also an option, as long as you won't be seen by nosy neighbors. You don't want someone calling the cops on you. Even though it's your house, it's hard to explain what you're doing out there, all alone, with your cock out of your pants, and staring at your wife through your window!


Scenario 4: Wife and Boyfriend Let You Watch

Your wife and her stunt cock may not care if you're around while they're doing the nasty with one another. Yes, you could sit in the corner, and whack off while she's slurping another man's pole.

But to make it more interesting for yourself, think about hiding in the shadows. For one thing, the sex between your wife and her special guy will be more spontaneous. They'll forget your there, and will fuck like they would if on their own.

You also experience the thrill of "spying" on your spouse, even though they're aware you're there. Hide yourself away in a closet, or outside the bedroom. Or peer in through the keyhole.


Don't Forget the Camera!

No matter what the set up, you'll probably want some keepsakes to remind you of the fun you had watching your lady's legs spread open, wrapped around her stud's body. A still camera with a flash is obviously not the right tool for a sex spy.

Instead, get a camcorder with a low-light feature. Infrared night vision is the best. If your camera has an indicator light on it that shows when it's recording, cover it with black electrical tape. Turn off any beeps and bloops the camcorder makes when you start and stop recording.

For the best pictures, steady the camcorder against a wall, doorway, or window sill, especially if the picture is zoomed in. Otherwise camera shake may ruin the video. If possible, resist the temptation to beat off while operating the camera! Wait until you're watching the tape afterward.