How-to videos for girls: Help her have better orgasms!

It's a proven fact that men have better sex when women have better orgasms. It's win-win, and everybody comes away happy!

But it turns out that many girls - perhaps even a majority - suffer from inadequate orgasms, much due simply to using the wrong technique. You see, people are creatures of habit. Orgasm methods your wife or girlfriend discovered early in life become habit.

They just keep doing what they've always done, and it's no longer bringing them maximum pleasure.

A slight change here, an adjustment there, can mean the difference between a nice orgasm, and a GREAT orgasm!

So I put together some time-tested instructional videos that are designed to help the special woman of your life learn new masturbation techniques.

With better technique, your wife or girlfriend will have better, more intense, and more satisfying comes. These techniques include G-spot orgasms, female ejaculation, mutual masturbation, prolonged or extended orgasm, playing with toys, and more.

The movies are available on video-on-demand. These are full-length DVDs you stream directly to your PC. There are no discs to buy (and wait to come in the mail). Watch instantly.

You can try out the system for free. No obligation.

To learn more about any movie, just click on a screen capture image. Please note that I've kept the screen caps softcore, but most of the videos are of a hardcore, explicit nature.

Be sure to check out these videos, whether you're a woman wanting to improve the quality of your orgasms, or a man looking to enrich the sex life of your special lady. Many of the videos feature practice and exercise your wife or girlfriend can try alone, or with you as a very willing partner!

The Ultimate Vibrator & Dildo Guide

Forget diamonds. Turns out vibrators are a girl's best friend. The smart lover learns how to join in, not compete, with these wonder devices created to drive women to mind-blowing orgasms. Participate, or just watch, as women show you how they really get off. This is an orgasm-drenching video not to be missed!

Running time 85 minutes

Couples Masturbation

Watch beautiful and sexually experienced couples bring themselves and each other to shuddering waves of pleasure. Shay Sights and Nick tease each other on as they play with themselves and watch each other during mutual masterbation time. Gia, Nicole Moore and Sabrina Love-Cox show their partners just how much intense pleasure they can take from the Sybian and Fantasy Rack!

Running time 58 minutes

The Amazing G Spot And Female Ejaculation

Yes, women squirt. Watch females ejaculate as their G-spot is triggered. Now see how to find and stimulate your wife's G-spot. New, never-before "as seen in-the-vagina" photography proves the G-spot exists, and what it looks like during her orgasm! Hear clearly explained at last what female ejaculation really is - and what it isn't.

Running time 84 minutes

How To Achieve G-Spot Orgasms

"Toymaster" is one of the world's leading authorities on female orgasm. Featuring interviews and explicit demonstration, Sheena is brought to an incredible, gushing climax, while Toymaster offers a clear explanation of the G-spot orgasm. Video production values aren't terrific, but the content is good, and educational. A must-have video for every man who wants to maximize his partner's pleasure, and every woman who wants to fully explore the outer boundaries of her erotic potential.

Running time 75 minutes

Nina Hartley's Guide To Female Ejaculation

Join as adult star Nina Hartley and her friends they explore the myths and realities behind female ejaculation. Ms. Harley reveals tips and tricks to help women achieve this very extraordinary orgasmic experience! Wouldn't you like to help your lady try this for herself?

Running time 79 minutes

Lovers And Their Toys

Two attractive couples embark on an odyssey to spice up their sex lives. See how using sex toys, getting into costume, and role playing makes a difference for Janice, Evan, Sally and Jim. Acting out or dreaming about your favorite fantasy can revitalize a relationship stuck in the doldrums. Watch the two women get together, and then invite their partners. Enjoyable on many levels!

Running time 70 minutes

Marilyn Chambers' Guide To...Masturbation

Pornstar legend Marilyn Chambers teaches the lady of the house how to experience more pleasure than ever imagined. Marilyn narrates this instructional guide on how to get off with dildos, finger diddling, and anal play. Three gals get down and dirty as they guide you through Marilyn's masturbation techniques.

Running time 52 minutes

New Sex Now: Life's Ultimate Pleasure

Learn the secret of G-spot orgasms, female ejaculation, and simultaneous ejaculation (you and your lady shooting out at the same time) with step-by-step techniques. Learn how to give your wife or girl a squirting orgasm every time. New Sex Now frees your sexual power and transforms your lovemaking beyond the sights, sounds, and sensations of "regular sex."

Running time 57 minutes

Pussy Pump

Short but fun product demonstration of a pussy pump, designed to engorge the vagina and clitoris. In a very short time, Missy pumps up her pussy until it nearly fills the plastic chamber! This device also works very well on her titties. Missy uses the pump toy on Michelle's small breasts and it quite literally blows them up!

Running time 3 minutes

Rider Rocker

Short demonstration video of the Doc Johnson E-Z Rider Rocker Ball. Model Vixen demonstrates the optional attachment, the Vibrating Double Penetrator for those adventurous ladies out there who like to feel something in both pussy and ass at the same time.

Running time 7 minutes

Tool Time

This video shows you how to have even more pleasure with the toys you already own. Attractive couples share their bedroom experiences with you.

Running time 74 minutes

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