Guide to Wife Watching

How to voyeur your wife or girlfriend masturbating or having sex (with someone else)

How to get your wife to masturbate in the bathroom

Bathrooms are safe havens for girls afraid of getting caught. After all, they were taught that touching themselves was bad - and besides, if they're in a relationship, then they shouldn't have to polish their own pearls, right?

Wrong! Read this guide on how to secretly encourage your wife to masturbate in the bathroom - that is, if she isn't already...

How to catch your wife masturbating

There is something very erotic about discovering—and watching—your wife or girlfriend secretly masturbating when she thinks no one is looking.

Only trouble is, catching her in the act might not be easy! Here's my own thoughts on how to catch your wife secretly masturbating, along with suggestions I've found throughout the Internet.

How to secretly watch your hotwife having sex with another man!

You've thought about it for months - maybe even years.

For whatever reason, you want to watch your wife doing the horizontal mambo with another guy!

Don't worry—you're not a weirdo! Fact is, many of us have a desire to see our wives or girlfriends sprawled out on the bed and being intimate with another man (or woman!).

How-to videos for girls: help her have better, stronger orgasms

It's a proven fact that men have better sex when women have better orgasms. It's win-win, and everybody comes away happy!

But it turns out that many women - perhaps even a majority - suffer from inadequate orgasms, much due to simply using the wrong technique. These time-tested instructional videos are designed to help your wife or girlfriend master new ways to masturbate.

How-to get your wife to masturbate to Internet porn

Surveys show that one in three porn surfer is female. And wouldn't you know it - girls look at Internet porn for the same reason guys do. Like men they like to masturbate while looking at pictures or watching videos. Here's a quick guide to help encourage your wife or girlfriend to "use" porn for her private pleasure time.