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Do you like to watch...

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Millions of us do! so I've put together this little corner of Internet paradise for all like-minded wife (and girlfriend!) watchers to enjoy. Thanks to fans just like you, we've been on the Web for over 10 (count 'em, 10!) years!!

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Free hardcore videos of very naughty wives (oh, and girlfriends, too!) caught masturbating. Oh, and also clips of wives shared with other men by husbands, plus the very naughtiest of wives having an affair, and not aware hubby has it all on tape. Videos are described in thumbnail summaries.

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Reviews of the best hidden, voyeur, and wife sharing movies! Hidden masturbation, sex, girls flying solo, you get the idea! These reviews are all for FULL-LENGTH videos, many of them over an hour. These are NOT little crappy clips that are just two minute ads.

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How to watch your sexy wife or girlfriend in action, either as a voyeur or as a participant. Written by experts - husbands and wives who've artually done it! Advice on spying, down-to-earth suggestions for watching and sharing -- and for the really adventurous, ways for your wife to seduce that other man or woman she has her eyes on!

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Steamy stories written by husbands and wives about wife watching. Catching her masturbating. Filming her swinging with another couple. Spying on her to see if she's playing arou...ahem.

My wife's secret email

My wife LOVES to masturbate, and occasionally dates other men. Even when I can't spy on her in person or with a hidden camera, I can read through her secret e-mail and texts to find out what she's up to!

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